How Vegan are You?

How Vegan are You?

How Vegan are You? We answer a question from one of our longtime viewers (friends) about taking medication while being vegan. Can you still consider yourself a vegan? Is anyone 100% vegan?…


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  1. kamiko70

    OMGosh i love you ladies. i recently decided to change how i eat, due to my diabetes and bad A1C. ive tried everything out there, and nothing is working, so i figured it couldnt hurt to cut the meat out of diet. but i still have milk in my cereal, i still have eggs, i love my yogurt, and i dont know all of the rigorous rules there are.
    – now i like to share the things i have found to eat, i like to share whether i liked the foods, or if i will eat them again on Facebook. but now my vegan FB friends judge every little thing i eat, places i go, things i wear or do. i deleted them all, and now i have to look for new friends.
    – wish people understood, that the judgy attitude is what also keeps people from going vegan!

  2. laserbeam 002

    Agree with you guys 100%. Thanks for the common sense. I'm not fully vegan ALL the time but I would say I am about 90% of the time, at least in my diet. I too have some leather stuff in my home and as they wear out I will TRY to replace them with non-leather.

  3. Adele F.

    I became plant based for a few years and left because I got sick. Now I'm back to being plant based. I try to eat a meal with out a meat product a day. I noticed I get headaches when I don't eat meat at all. Is that normal during the switch?

  4. Allison Manzino

    Hi Janet and Maddie,

    I love your channel and your recipe videos. I also love the mother/daughter relationship you two have. I loved this Q and A. I was wondering if maybe you can do a Q and A next month with a question that I have. I-m from the states originally, I-m currently living in Madrid Spain with my husband. I visit the states periodically and spend time with family and friends. I'm thinking of going vegan in May, but I'm scared that I'll see all my old favorites when I visit the states and be tempted to eat them. Any tips_ Thanks a lot for any insight. If you know of any good shampoohs for oily hair, let me know. I-m searching for one that hasn't been tested on animals.


  5. My Veganheart

    Great video girls thank you. The way I look at things like meds and even some of my art supplies even though I live vegan the best I possibly can is that animal products are only in things medications etc is because it’s cheap for these companies to use the biproducts of the meat industry which supplies it all. We must advocate for animal testing to end though as much as we can and really push it. I just have to add though, there is no need for people to keep eating dairy cheese. Vegan cheeses are SO good now. They have improved incredibly. People should put then victims first and then it’s easy to live vegan. I am not the vegan police by any means but please don’t encourage people to continue eating cheese. We all know that after only 2 weeks of no dairy cheese the addiction is gone and the very thought of solidified pus makes us sick. Love you girls xx

  6. Nancy McCutcheon

    You guys have echoed my exact sentiments! My husband is type 1 diabetic. Without insulin he will die. Where does insulin for diabetics come from?……….. I prefer to call myself Whole Foods Plant Based pretty much because of being put under a microscope if you say you are Vegan. If we throw out say Maddie's boots or my awesome inherited leather tote, are we not also throwing away the sacrifice of that poor particular animal? Just my thoughts guys.

  7. Morris

    Thumbnail looks SERIOUS. 😐 I was scared. Lol. So vegan I am out of town for a funeral and just spent $20 on two Cliff bars, Tostada chips and bean dips. Not touching instead of small cake. 😝

  8. Sabrina Luna

    Good video, ladies! I'm also still on my doctor prescribed meds, but she's impressed with my steady progress & has moved me to visits every 6 months instead of every 4 months! So find a doctor or health care provider who's willing to work with you & help you live a healthy lifestyle while you're going vegan/vegetarian/plant-based. Just my $1.01, for what it's worth! πŸ™‚

  9. Jeana 715

    I love the talkie/chats!! Lol I feel like I learn a lot from you both. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t eat soy anymore, and just replacing all of those items, including all probiotics, vitamins, and supplements to was a LOT. But I did not know that medicine can contain animal products, as well as sugar. It’s just something that I hadn’t thought of. But these things are so good to know, so ppl like myself, can at least look for alternative options. Thanks, ladies!! Hope it warms up for you there soon. It’s been cold here in S.D. And we got snow again last night. 3rd time in two weeks. Aye yi yi ..People are calling it Sprinter, because it’s Spring, but feels like Winter. Haha πŸŒ·πŸ€—πŸ¦‹

  10. bcgoette

    I have a leather motorcycle jacket that I got before I went vegan, and I feel like throwing it away would minimize the worth of that poor animals life. I keep it around to remind me to always consider my actions. Thank You for this video. It is perfect.

  11. beth f

    Spot on, Ladies! We [Vegans] need to NOT beat ourselves up over "food mistakes" when just doing "ONE" thing towards our goal and helping the environment makes ALL the difference in the world! TGIF and Much Love! ✌

  12. Gayle J. Lang

    Great chat video! I’ve been vegan for 12 years now and I keep saying to myself that I’m going to replace two leather chairs that I got before then. I did let go of all my leather purses and shoes a long time ago. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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