Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)

Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)

Follow the filmmaker: @kjadames “Living in a world where everybody wears masks due to lack of self-identity, a brave girl encounters the truth that sets her free” “Identity” is a project…


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  1. Fatima Bano

    great, it shows people who are always real are looked up as odd In a society, and to get accepted by people u have to be like them to please them, to be with them and thus in the process we forget our real own selves, we see ourselves with other people's eye and thus forget our ownselves which is a predicament

  2. TiTANS

    This Film Is Soo Powerful And Influential …i can Literallyy Feel A Current of Shockwaves running Thru My Body n my Mind Constantly contemplating every single second of it to its Deep Core Meaning Which the Film Wants Us to See..its Soo Great..n its Really Powerful Message dat dey hv sent..!! LOVED both the Lectures of a says alot dan Wat meets the Eye..!!

  3. Dream Time

    I wasn't born with a Mask and I chose never to wear one.
    This lead me into the lonely and rebellious paths of Truth.
    Practicing Trust with humbleness taught me not to make excuses
    or to be defensive within my own shortcomings. I learned to
    Forgive within conflict and be Pure without pot, drugs, plants or
    alcohol, to earn great clarity to navigate my life path. I had become
    the Enemy of All in doing so, and also Free. We cannot free our
    Soul from our own self-bondage without changing, we must walk it
    everyday through every single painful & emotionally painful experience.

  4. Irving Severino

    Does anyone have a face under a mask, or do we simply choose which mask we prefer to wear?

    I believe the latter is true. The only way humanity can progress is by creating products of our evolution. Therefore, the only ones with the truest sense of identity are those who reject evolution to be something else entirely.

  5. Dee.Shonae_

    Thanks for this video ❤️ I will be using this video in my class (if thats okay) to display Identity Foreclosure …. I really liked this video so much. This actually opened up my eyes to different aspects of life as well as the comments. Thanks a lot for this .

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