Instant Pot Recipes & Healthy Cooking Living in a Van

Instant Pot Recipes & Healthy Cooking Living in a Van

See what it’s like to cook in a small kitchen, prepare healthy meals, and Kait shares one of her Instant Pot recipes. Watch Episode 39: …


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  1. MidLife VanLife

    Just started watching your channel! You guys are adorable together! It really doesn't look like a show, I find that refreshing. I'm 50, and happily single with my dog Hank. Lol I think I've given up on finding the perfect mate! Ha! Looking forward to more videos.
    Take care, from Ottawa, Canada!
    Tiina 😊

  2. Christ is coming soon

    In following quite a few camper folk, two questions need answers. Why is everyone always speaking of beer and why does no one speak of God?
    My thought would be that there are so many good drinks, especially healthy ones, that can be talked about.
    On the second, and more imporant point, my question is, "How can you live and travel without God, His protection and love to fill your hearts?" Maybe it's all so easy for you that you desire to live it up and you think that you don't need Jesus and God's protection. I live and work in the hardest parts of the world and would not want to take even one step without my Lord and Savior who guides, protects and blesses me. Yes, I'd love a beautiful camper, but even if I had nothing, I'd be the happiest man, as I have the Lord and His love in my heart. May you know that life and joy. Bless you as you seek the Savior and study His Word, the Bible. My prayer right now is for you.

  3. Tiny Metal Tube

    15:28 The outlet you have next to the dinette is bothering me. It looks like a unique way to save space, having the outlets in each other's space… But there's TONS of space all around the outlets themselves, so the space didn't need to be saved. I don't mean to complain much, that's just weird.

    Any chance we can get more videos about the instant pot? How's the power usage? Mine says 700W but I know it's not gonna be running at the same power level all the time…

  4. Tech Teacher

    I do not live in an RV but I do use my instant pot. I've owned it for 3 years. Quality construction and easy clean up. Nothing sticks to the stainless steel inner pot and it still works like new! It is my go to kitchen appliance. Once ever other week I use the oven for baked chicken wings. Your quinoa stew looks awesome! Great job!

  5. Brenda Hone

    I have to Thank you so much for showing the Instant Pot and Berkey. We bought our instant pot before we bought our Travel Trailer. Love the instant pot, I am hooked. Pinterest has great recipes for it. My favorite however is the Chicken Marsala and ribs.
    Enjoy watching you both. Enjoy your adventures. We have to wait…..we still keep getting snow storms here in MN. GRRR

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