Intermittent Fasting and the Aging Woman | Autophagy, Cancer, Anti Aging and Fasting

Intermittent Fasting and the Aging Woman | Autophagy, Cancer, Anti Aging and Fasting

Intermittent Fasting and the Aging Woman | Autophagy, Cancer, Anti Aging and Fasting CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: I would …


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  1. misottovoce

    I am new to your videos and am only halfway into this video and am a fan. How refreshing to listen to a mature woman sharing and explaining so lucidly on this subject. Although you are much younger than I am, at 69 I can identify more with what you are sharing than some Instagram obsessed chicky babe or muscle bound young man. I am about 3 weeks into the keto lifestyle and doing intermittant fasting and have done 2 24 hr fasts. I am so surprised that it is rather easy for me – who never felt like breakfast anyway. In my youth I used to have to be careful because of hypoglycemia and eat something every 3-4 hours. I am simply amazed that not eating until a late lunch (16-18 hr fast) on the keto way of eating never, ever caused the hypoglycemic symptoms. THAT alone convinced me this was finally the right path for me. I never bought into the low fat nonsense anyway. Here in Europe, good healthy fats are part of the various cultures. Thank you for your work!

  2. henrietta henson

    Im on keto…@i never feel hunger anymore .l do intermittent fasting everyday 18hr fast small windowof eating …never feel hungry anymore is this bad ?when you talkabout hunger mines gone….i eat two small meals ..good fats small amount protien low veg carb 20g…….is this ok but as i said for the first time in my life im not craving food…

  3. tom schmitt

    Some good info and your passion is undeniable but to say there’s no benefit beyond 12 hours of fasting is wrong…can’t say that using the tag line “hungry is where the magic is” is fair to your viewers, it suggests that IF is a sacrifice or isn’t sustainable. Eat more fat and you won’t experience hunger. Eliminate carbs, except leafy green veggies, enjoy them unlimited. Moderate healthy protein and high fat…listen to conventional knowledge and do the opposite..thanks Dy!!

  4. ilou224

    You are misinforming people. It’s unknown that it fights cancer cells, it may in fact make cancer cells stronger. Your definition of autophagy is also extremely vague. I’m not trying to be rude but your info could be harmful.

  5. Cindi Anderson

    She says a lot of opinions as truth. If you get into the science of this, it is clear that nobody know for sure how long it takes to get into autophagy, and it varies by person as well. We are just at the very beginning of understanding the science of autophagy. So don't buy into anybody's absolute opinions of "you need at least 36 hours", or "you only need 12 hours". Fasting is good. Until we know more, do it however it works for you.

  6. HP Lovecraft

    Your videos are informative and a great breakthrough for many women. I've avoided your channel up till now because I hate the term aging woman or middle aged woman, it seems a little outdated and so 1950's. Anti aging woman sounds a bit more positive and empowering. The mindset and words we use to think of and describe ourselves can have as many benefits as diet and exercise. Thank you for your channel Dy Ann and namaste

  7. Cyn Moir

    Hi, great video 🙂 Question : In my research on intermittent fasting — I've learned that stress — including exercise starts the process of raising cortisol 》increasing insulin — which stops your keto – state. It was recommended to do very low exercising (walking is best ) — because too much exercise can cause too much stress on your body — therefore, starting the cortisol — insulin — decreased keto state. Any suggestions or comments ?? 🙂

  8. SciSci Toys

    Can someone give me some advice?
    I was diagnosed with gallbladder polyps which I have to have scanned every few months to make sure they dont grow to >1cm as they can become malignant, also fatty liver, have had GERD/hiatal hernia and anxiety/depression and taken two meds for these two problems for 22yrs bt since the GB polyp diagnoses Ive reduced the meds a lot, I wanted to stop them altogether so I could fast, cause I haven't been able to completely stop taking them I have done intermittent fasting for 18-23hrs in day in order to get into autophagy which I figured could munch on those polyps.
    BUT … I realised that HGH and IGF1 increases when you do Intermittent Fasting, also when you fast Cortisol and other stress chemicals are raised and can increase blood sugar for example, the worry is that Im doing this to shrink the polyps BUT I wonder if HGH and IGF1 may hamper this goal or make the polyps actually grow instead of shrinking??
    I take serrapeptase to try and shrink them, also Curcumin, selenium, and vitamins.
    How can fasting shrink tumors when the body creates HGH and IGF1 in this state? I dont get it.

  9. donna Martin

    Jainie bugg loved to hear that I am 73 and 5'4" and would love to weight anything under 150 at my age your weight would be to low for me. But I want to be enough below it that I can fast when I go over. I want to be what I read in a movie magazine. Your waist and hips should equal your height. I think he said that was Dr. Ozz anyway it was 26 waist and 38" hips.

  10. j slak

    ive watched a boatload of ur videos and u are super cute and very helpful! cant thankyou enough. i know my life has been changed after just 9days of intermittent fasting! its what my body wants! thanku again n keep up the good work

  11. shoppingmediagirl1

    You lost me when you criticized high fat meat…. That is precisely what you should be eating, not lean protein. Omega 3 is saturated fat, fatty meats, coconut oil, acacados are all "heart healthy" in the absence of refined carbs and sugar. 20 gms of carbs should consist of vegetables.

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