Is A Vegan or Vegetarian Diet A Healthy Diet?

Is A Vegan or Vegetarian Diet A Healthy Diet?

Seven vegetarians share how being vegetarian has improved their health. Produced by Larry Cook.


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  1. WRTcc

    Been vegetarian for 5 years more or less. No regrets, and not missing meat (never really ate that much anyways). Learnt how to get a completely wholesome diet from it, and really improved my cooking skills 🙂

    The best change though has been getting away from anything processed, and eating mostly natural. Still couldn't be vegan though, mainly because of sour cream in soups! nom nom nom.

  2. Opus 32

    I have tons of energy. I hit a weight loss plateau on a pescetarian diet. I switched to vegan, I dropped another 15 pounds. I am now 15-20 pounds away from having killer abs. I eat lots of fruit (sort of in lieu of some grains), vegetables, sweet potatoes and beans. It is a hedonistic existence: the food I eat I enjoy more, and it makes me feel good throughout the day. Oh, and I have TONS of energy.

  3. Amy-Lee Angel

    There are many types of Vegan out there, just go through each step nice and easy and dont rush, because a lot of people go from Vegetarian to Vegan but slip or they crave dairy products and take one step back. Go from Vegetarian to non strict vegan, which means you can use vegan cheese and vegan meat. Then go from that to 80 10 10 vegan which is high carb low fat low protein, then go raw vegan which is the top of the list, that way if you slip you can fall back one step and not 3 or 4.

  4. LarryCook333

    Yes. First, good for you for taking initiative!!! You'll lose more weight faster by avoiding processed foods like breads, crackers, pastas–anything from a bag, can or box. Get produce and prepare food at home. Eat organic when possible. And finally, exercise. Exercise is critical, and I joined a gym ten years ago and now enjoy going every day. Do these things and it will work!

  5. Zach Hamilton

    i got sick and tired of being fat and letting girls be disgusted by my looks, so i went vegan on may 1st and i have felt so much better ive lost over 30 pounds in my 3 month tenure and im still going at it, but i want to lose faster. any tips or advice?

  6. balderdashery G

    Dairy is very bad for you too! Believe me when I say that you will feel so much better without it that you will not miss it! If your Mom is not keen, try getting more involved with helping her to shop and in preparation, which you will find is very easy once you get going. You go girl!

  7. Brooke Petras

    I love being a vegetarian I feel healthier and as if I'm making a diffference. A lot of people don't care that poor innocent animals are horribly treated and slaughtered. Also, I get asked all the time "what do you eat?" and "why can't you just be normal?". But there are so many great foods you can eat while being a vegetarian, and I am who I am.

  8. Chivaughn Charles

    @keeyk118b I never thought of swimming before. I know how to swim but not really good. I will take that advice for sure. I always liked swimming but didn't really have time but now I still don't have time but I will make some. My feet are really strong but I have really weak arms so thats a good idea to build upper body strength. Thank you for another helpful idea. I didn't know people on youtube would help me so much.

  9. keeyk118b

    @Chivaughn13 if you are under weight, why not swim instead of run to gain some upper body muscle. if you swim you need to eat loads of food after.make sure you take at least 1.5 to 2 grams grams of protein per kilogramme of body weight per day.

  10. Chivaughn Charles

    @keeyk118b I am not lactose in tolerant or over weight. I am under weight. I have a high metabolism so thats why I have to eat alot of food , well not alot just enough to give me energy.I eat lots of beans/fruits/veges than necessary. I eat much more than 5 fruits a day. I jog 2k , 3 times a week. I started doing this recently like 1 month ago. I have been vegetarian for 4 days. It is little bit but I feel much better. Now I just have to buy multi vitamins to keep it on the safe side.

  11. Chivaughn Charles

    @keeyk118b ok cow's milk Now I know but I don't want to drink it cause I watched a video with how people get milk from cows and all the pain they go through. I am not over weight more like under weight. I have high metabolism. I eat alot of fruits/vegetables and lots of beans more than necessary but I need to to gain some weight well not alot just to give me energy because I burn fat very easily. I run 2k 3 times a week and thats it but I just started doing this very recently,like a month ago

  12. keeyk118b

    @Chivaughn13 full fat cow's milk. unless you are overweight. in that case that low fat milk. some people are lactose in tolerant ie too much milk= loose frequent stools, in that case take non lactose milk. i eat meat daily but only for one meal. to boost my protein intake i drink soy and low fat milk. i eat at least 5 whole fruits a day and 2 servings of veg a day. i hardly fall sick and have great energy. i do not take any supplements as i am way past my growing years.

  13. Chivaughn Charles

    @keeyk118b Thank you for this information. I do eat alot of vegetables and fruits. I eat lots of beans and also rice. Not to be stupid but what is whole milk. I drink mostly soy milk. Next week I am going to by multi vitamins. I can't cook but it seems I have to learn 😉 thank you all for the help this means alot. I know now its not very safe but I just want to start at a young age because when I get older I will be really hard for to convert to a vegetarian. 🙂 Thank you once again! 😀

  14. keeyk118b

    @Chivaughn13 you are 14 and still actively growing. if you are going to cut meat out of you diet, i suggest you take loads of whole fruits , whole grains and beans and a large variety of different vegs and at least 800mls of whole milk a day.fresh produce only so you gonna have to cook yourself. vegan diet are not recommended for teenagers as medical doctors will tell you .to be safe , do take a multi vitamin supplement.

  15. keeyk118b

    @Chivaughn13 if you do not want to eat any meat at all, i suggest you drink about 600mls of milk a day.also take a multi vitamin supplement daily. going vegan ie not even milk is not recommended by medical doctors as i am sure you already know.

  16. LarryCook333

    @Chivaughn13 Certainly. Yes, the key to vibrant health, and eating vegetarian in general, is to eat lots of veggies – whole foods. Fruits too. Fresh. Think fresh. Breads, pastas, stuff from cans and boxes, they aren't so good for us. Muffins, bagels, not so good. You will have such a healthy glow about yourself once you do this all the time, your friends will ask you what you are doing!

  17. Chivaughn Charles

    @LarryCook333 Thank you for suck great advice. I eat bread and pasta but since you said not to eat to much of that I will find something else. I will try my best to do what you said. I will ask my parents to buy your book. Thanks alot 😀

  18. LarryCook333

    @Chivaughn13 Take a vitamin B12 supplement, and eat a variety of plant foods, including beans and grains. Restrict processed foods, like pastas and breads; go for more foods from the produce section. Extremely important you do that. Learn to cook–you will have a major head start in life. Read vegetarian books. Read my book. You don't need meat, at all.

  19. Chivaughn Charles

    @keeyk118b That is good advice but I watched a video where parents raise their babies to be vegetarians from baby or at least 6 months and those babies go through life being very healthy and energetic. So if I eat right food that will provide the nutrients that meat provides and I eat lots of fruits/vegetables/beans . Will this be a safer way to me to go vegan but I will not eat any dairy/eggs/meat and anything that comes or has anything too do with animals. I like being vegetarian. Please reply

  20. Klytemnest

    When I became a vegetarian I remained just as sicky as I had always been. Then I went vegan and I became even more sicky. I was doing something wrong, obviously. I was eating mostly processed, packaged foods. And a lot of grains. So I was not getting a whole lot of actual nutrition. A year later I began to incorporate more whole foods into my diet – lots of veggies, fruits, legumes, less grains (mostly oats or teff in the morning and barley in my soups). Have not even had a sniffle since!

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