Is it Wrong to Reason? The Role of Intellect in Islam

Is it Wrong to Reason? The Role of Intellect in Islam

Modern advancements in science, technology, and knowledge have brought unprecedented challenges to the …


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  1. Asheq Mahmud

    Question is if 'people of knowledge' in Quran verse 35:28, meant for all kinds of knowledge that is both religious and worldly (say Science, Humanities etc), then why muslins moved away from science for 7-8 centuries? Religious seminaries in Muslim world do not teach science.

  2. Joe Black

    If there was a wise, good and all powerful god then he/she/it would foresee the torment the typical M.O. of lone prophet combined with the complete spectrum of belief from non-belief, through doubt, all the way to fanaticism… left to its own devices would cause in the world.

    If the god described in the Bible and/or Koran exists then THAT god intended all wars, suffering and individual pain caused throughout the history of the world attributable to religious strife. ALL religiously linked strife – Both perpetrated by believers and against believers. Inescapable fact.

    Why not just let him/her/it-self (as you please – hardly matters in the context) be known to each and every person as an inescapable fact at least once in their lives? So simple for an all powerful god. Yet not even a babe is spared the wrath of the fanatic. Nor even ten. Nor even a mountain of babies, children, old people, bakers, dentists, plumbers nor even selfless doctors. And not even dumb stupid animals with no more guilt in this world than can be assigned to them because of their instinctive actions are spared the wrath of the fanatic. Not even cold hard stone walls and pillars are spared the wrath of the fanatic. Not even a poem. Not a picture. Not a speck of dust within this universe which is not in line with the fanatic's beliefs. So conveniently excused by promise of an eternal afterlife for which no evidence has surfaced since the dawn of time, except from within the ramblings of mad men and drug induced hallucinations of substance abusers. All eminently avoidable by an all powerful god.

    The way the old world worked… Each nation had its idols. The good idols of the one nation was the demons of the other. Its called politics. Yahwew was the god of some nations in the middle east during the iron age. To other nations it was a demon. All made up. And even so… Some of these philosophical constructs, originally designed to explain natural processes people observed around them without understanding, were raised in the public's view to the lofty position afforded by monotheism. And so the deaf, blind, mute, unfeeling and uncaring golden bull continues it's unconscious vigil from the top of its pedestal. So to speak. Shining in abstract glory at the side of a river of blood. Simply a less crowded pedestal.

    The fact that the single most tangible effect of religion in the history of the world has been as a tool used by some to influence large groups of people escapes the attention of no honest person of even average intellect.

    Yet here I am. A man. Willing to accept concrete evidence of what is colloquially known as the supernatural were I to be presented with it (please… no stage magic). I will not ignore a fact in front of me. I'd be stoked if I had a real shot after death at a bit of extra time. The only difference between me and the devout believer is that I will not squander my faith upon just anything. Brought up religiously – Saw through the smoke and mirrors while still a child.

    People don't worship gods. They worship religions. Much like many people worship Manchester United – Its a fan's sport.

  3. Abdur Razzak Khan

    Jazakaalahu khairan Brother,one more thing,You said about the verse Fatir 35:28,of what I think you meant anyone with knowledge that would benefit humanity,i checked up with a local shaykh of ours but he said that it means religious knowledge and piety. I checked up Tafsir Ibn Kathir but couldn't find anything similar.

  4. Mohamed Abutaleb

    Abdur Razzak, what is meant is that in other religious scriptures, the Prophets are sometimes portrayed transgressing against God with major sins that even most normal people would never do. In Islam, it is emphasized that the Prophets, who are chosen by God, are the best of humanity in conduct, character, and worship to God. Intellectually, this is comforting since the messengers chosen by God should be the best role models to carry His message. Thanks for your question!

  5. Hana Khalil

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