It Had To Happen | Pastor Steven Furtick

It Had To Happen | Pastor Steven Furtick

When a crisis occurs, often our first reaction is to question God and ask why it had to happen. But what if there’s a better way to respond? Discover how learning …


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  1. I I

    This time in 2016, I was broken and lost when this message came to me (see my comment below under the name II) It gave me hope and strength to keep trusting God even though myself and family's situation was seen as 'hopeless by onlookers. We lost everything- jobs, our home, so called friends and couldn't eat at some point. We did hit rock bottom but I never truly lost my faith because really that was all I had. I battled with negative thoughts when I tried to keep my faith up but I took the promises of God and slept on them everynight. Today my story is no longer same. GOD IS REAL PEOPLE!!!! God came through for me and my family in ways unimaginable. He restored in triple fold all we had lost and gave us another opportunity to start afresh. He pruned us through the tough seasons and showed us that the love of man is seasonal and he is the only ONE that we can truly depend on. I owe my life to God and I will like to thank all the people on here who commented words of encouragement and cheered me on. Your words were another reminder that God had not left me no matter how broken I felt. God bless you and thank You God for the word through pastor Steven. It truly breath life into my broken spirit. Thank you God. I'll be seated at your feet forever.

  2. Bob Campos

    I just took a look at my NASB map of Paul's Missionary Journey to Rome and found within that journey a revelation: Ships do their best when you have the courage[faith]to lose sight of the shore. Great sermon! Amen and Hallelujah! I'd like to come visit your church someday and also see family over there. God bless you Steven!

  3. Sheri Kwasnik

    October 10, 2017 was my Malta. It was the day that my Dad passed away. I wanted to die that day. I was so angry and upset and bitter at God that He would allow my Dad to die. Someone who was so kind hearted and gave his life away to the less fortunate at great cost to himself. I could not understand why Dad had to die. I spent months angry at God and wishing it was someone else. It was only when my Mom's health got dramatically better, that I understood why. Dad was actively working against Mom getting the healthcare that she desperately needed. He didn't want the healthcare providers in their house, and he actively rejected them. If he had not died, she would have died first and we would have lost them both. He had stage 4 cancer. He was terminal. She has type 2 Diabetes that was not being managed. If he had not died when he did, she would have died too.

  4. MemeQueen

    Thank you for your words and wisdom, Pastor. I lost my faith for a long time because of pain and heartache in my life that turned me bitter and angry. I listen to your words every morning before going to work, and your comforting sermons help me feel closer to our Father and are such a wonderful way to start my day. God bless you!

  5. Vee W

    I was asking God so much lately why did this happen to me. Struggling with the pain from the heartbreak and divorce after 17 years of marriage my husband gave our marriage up to be with a women I knew and had a child. Itโ€™s been over a year and I asked God but why I donโ€™t understand I loved him I was faithful did my best and could not understand why this happened. This message has really touched my heart, this was a God send message to me.

  6. Sara Gray

    Today I have 4 years in victory over addiction not everything is perfect but I'm not where I was and I have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm fighting for custody of my youngest child and believing she will be restored to me not through the system but through the mighty power of God, Amen.
    God has shown me some really awesome things that is impossible for man and he also has showed me glimpses of what he has for me if I just endure the trials that give me strength. We all have a purpose we just have to make a choice how we wanna live it out.

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