Jesus – The Beatitudes

Jesus – The Beatitudes


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  1. Francis Ellison

    hold fast to what is right ,the moral standards ,are disapearing in our world ,the sermon on the mount from jesus gives everyone a hope, in the dark days we are witnessing,the system we live under ,is not gods way ,we must build our own homes and grow our own food ,from gods free given provisions ,and be apart from the worlds destruction satan showed to jesus in his walk of the wilderness 40 days 40 nights the riches of the world with gold buildings and power jesus did not accept

  2. Juliet Lavid

    Isa, I have to choose my words carefuly because I dont have that much general, let alone historical culture. My point is not to deny jewish people's pain, I only disagrée with the fact of carrying a victim complex on anyones shoulders, I just can hope that those who have kids, teach them to question everything, think for themselves but in the interest of a majority, and be respectful to one another even if the neighbourg doesn't think like one does. Have a good day ^^

  3. GodsWork InProgress

    the Jewish HAVE gone through Hell only because satan knows that God picked the Jewish race– which was the least of all and a slave race- to be a light to all the other races on Earth. God knows no partiality and loves all races. When he blesses one, it is so that they will be a blessing for ALL people. The Native American race also went through Hell from satan using others- because the Native Tribes have had a deep connection with God . you are right in that no race should lay guilt trips

  4. Juliet Lavid

    the day the what you call jewish stop considering themselfs so damn special, and not such a higher race, maybe there will be a little more peace in the world. There is plenty of other communities that have gone through torture eviction and unjustice throughout ages, only they dont victimise themselves and make others carry their guilt

  5. flyingtiger13

    When Jesus spoke of the Good Samaritan , he spoke of one who truly serves God and whose reward is in paradise.
    It matters not by what name you call the Almighty , but rather that you call HIM …..
    … and that hearing HIS voice in your heart , that you serve HIM.
    ALL of US are the SONS and DAUGHTERS of the ALMIGHTY.
    Regardless of Race, Nationality or Creed .
    The Kingdom of the Lord is WITHIN .
    ALL is Revealed when your Heart opens .
    WE are the Hands and Voices of God on Earth.

  6. GodsWork InProgress

    I know God also loves all Muslims, When Abraham had to send his maid servant away because of her conflict with Sarah, God was still with that maid servant and promised her safety. An angel even appeared to her. The child that maid had with Abraham is your ancestor. God still loves you also and wants to see HIS peace in the hearts of all Muslims, Jews and Christians, etc. all of us.– not our human peace but His through Jesus. I apologize for those who show disrespect. God bless you

  7. GodsWork InProgress

    Jesus is Jewish too! The Jewish people are the apple of God's eye- which is why they have always gone through such abuse by the dark side throughout the ages to this day. Satan and the demonic forces detest them- because of their identification with God. This is why I don't marvel at events in History like the holocaust. Your race is precious and even when you give your heart over to Jesus- your rich heritage will remain and be complete- hugs!

  8. designerhell

    Qur’an:8:7 “Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.’”……….The infidels were the pagans who were running the Muslims out of Mecca. This happened at the time of Muhammad. You speak as your spirit. Your spirit is that of ____. Muhammad was a man of Love, not ____.

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