Jimmy Carter says he finds renewed faith in March for Our Lives youth

Jimmy Carter says he finds renewed faith in March for Our Lives youth

In an extended interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell, former President Jimmy Carter discusses the youth building the Never Again …


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  1. T M Edwards

    She should be sitting in his lap –softball toss after toss. When does she say "Mr President you were the greatest president ever. Everybody just loves you and wishes we could still have you as president. How do we change things now that so much has gone bad since your Glory Days in the White House?"

  2. Catherine McCandless

    those dumb kids dont know anything about our constitution at all because all these schools have been doing is teaching them sex education, come on communism is rampant in our schools, and as far as you go carter the demoncrats and bush were the ones always starting wars. your a wet noodle, you dont know that evil soros paid those protesters come on you people think the american people are sooo freaking stupid and we are all going to fall in line for your lies, whats the first thing communists do the take your guns, ask obama and holder why they erased 500,000 criminals backgrounds that they ordered the fbi to do that, hum well guess what those criminals can now buy guns because their backgrounds wont show up, obama and holder are freaking gun runners. give me a break already .

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