Jordan Peterson – You Need a Routine!

Jordan Peterson – You Need a Routine!

original source: Psychology Professor Jordan B. Peterson stresses the importance of a schedule and a stable social life for mental health. Dr. Peterson’…


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  1. Carl Harmeling

    To bad this guy didn't run into a Socrates type early on. Someone to make him think about what he's really saying and doing. As it is he seems to have no checks and balances. As long as the students just sit there and say nothing he's free as a bird to say whatever. He's starting to remind me of faith healers and new age gurus.

  2. John Hein

    1. Make a career plan
    2. Figure out how to negotiate.
    3. Figure out how to say what you need.
    4. Figure out how to tell the truth to people.
    5. Figure out how to listen to your partner because they will tell you what they need.

    Two brains are better than one, and that ties into negotiation as well.

    A lot of value in this video.

  3. Norm Swygert

    Dude is wrong about eating something in the morning, at least for some of us. It's fine to do so, sure, but my life got a whole lot better when I went to a one meal a day plan. That one meal is dinner, a big and proper feast. It only takes a few days to adapt to longer fasts (body learns to burn fat more readily, nice smooth energy flow). And not having to think/worry about eating in the morning and mid-day, frees me up to think and work and live on what matters most to my mind. And what matters to me is creating stuff. I live on my creativity and fencing off my eating concerns to the end of the day works like magic.

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