Joseph Prince – Live Full Of Faith – 15 May 16

Joseph Prince – Live Full Of Faith – 15 May 16

Live a life of blessings and freedom from every curse when you live by faith! In this key message on victorious Christian living, Joseph Prince rightly divides from …


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  1. Huikeng Chia

    Thk God for Pst Prince! Anointed to reveal Jesus in a different light! D Words r made 'easier' to comprehend n i attend his service without having to scratch my head in d end or 'feel' more lost 😂 Praise Lord for You r gd n Your mercy endures forevr! Able to listen to anointed preaching is a grace gift.

  2. Nigel Chisese

    Glory to Jesus Christ ! The most high King, Ordained by our heavenly Father! May we continue to live by faith, by declaring Jesus as our righteousness to God. I pray, heavenly father that your Grace opens our worlds eyes! Let us rejoice for the lamb has saved us! I pray for non believers, may you fill them with wisdom so that all may be redeemed. I pray in faith that we all confess before the Lord and live righteously and abound in hope ! Amen

  3. Solomon Michael Budi Margono

    your faith, my faith, my faith, my faith, my faith to Jesus, my faith to Jesus, my faith to Jesus, my faith Lord to Abba, believe, faith, full of faith, full renew, strength, believing, prosperous, bless the world, greatest philanthropist in the world today and in future. faith to make better world, faith to receive God's glory, be history maker with God, God loves me everyday, give vision mission and God finished it. build many churches in the world, support missionaries, help orphanage, build largest company and help the world, give to UN and for better vision of the world. Be beloved God son, love Abba and Jesus. His love endures forever.

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