Joseph Prince – Speak God’s Language of Faith – 31 October 2010

Joseph Prince – Speak God’s Language of Faith – 31 October 2010

Ever wondered what the language of faith sounds like? Join Joseph Prince in this exciting exposition of what God’s language of faith is. Learn how, like God, you can speak good things into…


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  1. Jonathan Yeo

    I've got a question that has been bugging me and I hope someone out there can help me with this. Thanks!

    Since we are the righteousness of God in Christ, meaning God regards us as if we have never sinned and have done all the right we are supposed to do, doesn't it mean that we should completely be free from all of the wages of sin, physical death included?

    So, does it mean that we not only can believe God for renewal of youth, but also to never physically die?

  2. Mary Wambui

    I am confident that when one listens to the message of grace from pastor prince our eyes are opened and our eyes start receiving revelation. we are finally free from religion. god bless u and even use u more on Jesus name amen.

  3. Diana Estes

    I pray for my husband, he is born again, he has confessed Jesus as his Lord and Savior, but he's really negative, he's been in bad health for years so naturally his response is negative, but I know my God, he can heal everything and all and do it completely, so I claim healing first of all for his mind, that he would know the glory in us who believe, and secondly for healing in his body, and that he would put a desire in his heart to know Him. And for me that I would know Him and grow in Him, I wanna be close to Him, the desire of my heart is Him.

  4. Miriam Dusciuc

    This is so true. About two years ago I used to suffer from excruciating headaches and one day I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. I fell to my knees and said to God "Lord please take this pain away from me because I can't bear it anymore." As I was saying this I was sure in my heart that He would answer me and immediately the pain was gone. It felt like He was just waiting anxiously for me to ask for help. And today I pray a lot more because now I know for sure that He hears.

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