Ketosis – Healthy or Deadly?

Ketosis – Healthy or Deadly?

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  1. Day Man

    Dr. Berg I really hope you answer this question. Thank you for a great channel, btw.
    I've been on the keto diet for almost 2 weeks, and the change I feel is incredible. But I keep hearing over and over again from many sources, (some physicians, some laymen) that ketosis is dangerous. I hear one person say in the brain runs more efficiently on ketones, and I hear the next person say the brain cannot possibly perform at its best without glucose from food sources. I'm no dummy. In fact, I went to Johns Hopkins University. And I cannot discern fact from fiction. Either the keto diet is the best possible way for a human being to eat… Or it's a very dangerous way to eat that will lead to low blood pH and kidney stones… it seems to me that food choices while on a keto diet are more important then they are when someone is on a carb diet. If the body doesn't have a source for certain nutrients, it will rob itself of those nutrients. I don't want to be on a keto diet and feel great, and then find out down the line that my bones and teeth have been weakened and my body has been cannibalizing itself. How is anybody supposed to make sense of any of this when not even those with PhD's in nutrition seem to be able to make any sense of it?

  2. Mir studio

    Combinations of Rafined sugar, rafined fat/oil , proteins = massive oxidation stress and demage body from Maillards reakctions in vivo and AGEs from it. RAGE receptor call immune cell to inflamme it- more oxidation stress and body demage. = heart attack

  3. Nadia Cavallini

    I agree that certain individuals would be much better off transitioning into ketosis particularly if they never developed good eating patterns. There's so much the general population needs to learn and understand in regards to eating clean good nutrients, versus the typical fast-food, and processed junk. It's time to wake up! Our food is filled with GMO's, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, excess sugar and all kinds of additives. If we are not proactively modifying our food choices and cognizant of what we consume, there will be a price to pay. That price is our health.

  4. The T. Man

    I used to have peripheral arterial disease pain in my legs and people always said it was because I was overweight, but I kept telling them it started happening when I was a lower weight in college. Because of that I couldn't do proper exercise no matter all the different diets and exercises I tried over the years. Since doing keto I am able to do long walks without pain even starting. What is going on there doc?

  5. Dreamer 1

    I decided to apply the 80 10 10 diet after fasting. While fasting however I went into ketosis and I was thinking very clearly. 80 10 10 could not only give me that, my body didn't want the sugar anymore….therefore I will try this now….why is it so difficult to find a good diet, this is insane😡

  6. kk

    Do you guys(Westerners) know about “ghee”. Ghee is made from butter. I think it is a very good fat.

    Below is how we make ghee in India.

    1) Milk from cow/bison is boiled hot 2) After milk is cooled down, add a tea spoon of curd(this is called curd seeding).
    3) In South Indian weather, curd seeded milk turns curd in 6-9 hours.
    4) Once curd is formed add some water and make buttermilk out of it.
    5) During making of butter milk, like in centrifuge process, low density and high density particles separate. That low density part floats as butter on top of butter milk.
    6) Collect all that butter and heat it at slightly high temperature roughly about an hour and half. Ghee is formed. It’s pure fat and very yummy.

  7. austinbly2141

    Quick question (and thank you for posting this informative and well-presented talk). You implied that a MOSTLY fat-based diet with enough carbs to stay out of ketosis is harmful because of the elevated level of saturated fat. This is disturbing for folks like myself who likely will not fully "take the plunge" into full ketosis. Would you recommend people who are NOT going to fully jump into ketosis to avoid this diet? In other words, is this an "all or nothing" thing in which both glucose and fat won't really be metabolized a significant amount in parallel? Thanks in advance!

  8. Surf steve

    Keto didn't work for me. First two weeks I lost a lot of weight, then started gaining. After a few months I weighed even more than before I started. I never felt healthy on the diet. Maybe at first. Now a days fruit is my only source of sugar. I eat all the fruit and vegetables I want. Lots of fish oil, pour it on everything. I only eat unprocessed foods that I cook myself. Lost 30 pounds and never felt better!

  9. OriginalNex

    I personally think that the people of the bible had it right that we eat for health knowledge of what the foods had done for them, like the bible states about essential oils knowing what oils are good for what, they would have eaten foods knowing the health benefits but it seems with ketosis you have to measure it a lot and its unlikely people would have time for that.

  10. M2thearth

    If sugar is so bad then why do people on a raw vegan diet that eat an abundant amount of fruits and vegetables look so healthy and vibrant? Why is their athletic performance so good? You telling me I have to eat beef and eggs my whole life? Give me a break man. Meat is not healthy. It’s 2018 everyone knows that.

  11. Shary Alonzo

    In my nutrition class we discussed how red meat and butter are the leading cause for CVD. I currently have high cholesterol therefore it didn't make sense to me to try the Keto diet. It clearly states that Trans fat found in coconut oil and other products are the ones that damage the arteries. I am so confused because most of the meals that I found on YouTube have high level of trans fat. I would like to try this diet just to see if it can lower my cholesterol. This was a very informative video.thx!

  12. jadler10

    Dr. Berg I'd like your 2 cents on my Cholesterol report.  My GP went knuts.  I started at 155lbs and went down to 150.  I'm 6'1" male.  Not on diet to lose weight, on this diet for increased focus and steady energy levels, achieved this somewhat.  I was on Keto for for 3 months.  My numbers: total cholesterol – 249   triglycerides – 44  HDL – 92  VLDL – 9  LDL 148.  Not sure what baseline was, but it was lower on the LDL and total a couple years ago.  I used kept blood tester daily, maintained ketosis with bacon, pork meatballs, eggs, Kerry Gold butter, heavy cream, coconut oil, and greens generally.

  13. Edwin Ekberg

    This video contains a whole lot of misinformation! Yes, the diet could be healtier than the one you are currently on because of the very nessecary decrease in sugars, but humans were evolved to get at least 90% of their energy from carbs (note: starch not sugars, which also often comes with a lot of dietary fiber), I don't know why people are simply ignoring this. Or maybe I do know, it's the billion dollar industries around these fancy diets that want people to be confused

  14. ættic

    None of your links work in the description, except the social media ones. I'm pretty sure it's because in the links for resources you've added ellipses (…), or whatever made those links, or hell maybe even youtube, added ellipses.

    Hopefully that'll help you fix it.


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