Kylie Jenner Inspired Nail Design Tutorial Nails Of Promise.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Nail Design Tutorial Nails Of Promise.

Kylie Jenner & Kendall Jenner inspired us to come up with this nail design after one of our subscribers requested it. The ladies looked absolutely adorable in red. The New York Fashion Week…


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  1. May S

    I was wondering why you guys haven't upload in a year. Please keep your subbies updated so we know why. It leaves us wondering and clueless to if you guys are okay or not. I'm happy for your new salon. ๐Ÿ™‚ hoping to see more tutorials very soon!

  2. Nails Of Promise

    Hi Lucresha,
    We understand your frustration at there not being any new videos but we have just opened a new nail salon in London 10 weeks ago. We will be doing more tutorials but we have to make sure the salon is running well.
    We have not forgotten our You Tube subscribers and we will making a video of the salon to upload very soon.
    Hugs.. Helen & Tony

  3. Juliet Someillan

    Hi Helen , it was so refreshing to see something so old come back to life through you guys. Of course now it looks even nicer. I am referring to that style " psychedelic" ,jijiijijijiji . Please keep it coming , very inspiring in our line of work. Many blessings to you both…

  4. Nails Of Promise

    Great to know you are planning on going on a course. It is something everybody should do if they want to be a nail technician.
    Thank you for the lovely comment. We wish you well with your dream of becoming a nail pro soon in the future.
    Hugs… Helen & Tony

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