Lazy What I Eat in a Day for FAST HAIR GROWTH

Lazy What I Eat in a Day for FAST HAIR GROWTH

I’ve had a lot of requests for a What I Eat In A Day after I released my series on what I did when my hair started growing fast. Here I’ll show you everything I eat and drink from the time…


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  1. Amanda Bicket

    What did you think of this style of video? Want more about the nutrients, do you want to see more of my day other than meal time or do you just want to see the food and move on 😂 And I'm still traveling and in Vancouver, you can check out my stories on Instagram @amanda_bicket to see what we've been up to! Love you!

  2. Fawnz

    I liked this video and I like it that you did it vlog style I wouldn’t mind seeing more of your day on videos. Your daughter had me grabbing my pup and just going aweeeee! She’s too cute like when she should the camera the yogurt like “this is the yogurt I’m having see” 😍. Loved your hair style as well 🙂

  3. organic Bunny June

    I have avocado toast every morning before poached eggs on hour in between …and I had a disfigurement from pharmaceuticals and I think avocado is big part of the reason it's healing ..its a dent from steroids in my hip (steroids for hip pain-bursitis)

  4. Claudia Fernandez

    I will just make an parenthesis here with the bananas, if you are sugar sensitive or diabetic or you are trying to loose weight this beautiful and amazing fruit is definitely not for you … I am not vegan but well vegetarian and is life changing and you eat so healthy please pass vegetarian receipts with us as well specially this one makes me feel hungry… oh I forgot as snack rice waffle is the best ever 😊

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