Learn How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships with Rick Warren

Learn How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships with Rick Warren– Learn how to resolve conflict & how to restore broken relationships with Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. In this …


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  1. Athena Akira

    What should I do if you talk the person and askd for peace but she still mad and you try fixed the problem but they not willing to do it! What should I do! I would really appreciate if someone give me some advice god bless everyone

  2. Pink Fuschia

    Its true about being afraid and defensive. I'm terrified of my family because when I'm with them and there's conflict it brings out the worst in me when I get upset and say things or shout. It doesn't happen around friends as there is respect between us. There's a lot of hurt that's happened in our past that terrifies me that they could do it again. I've forgiven it, but sometimes my family members justify what they did to me again and I then get scared and angry about it all. It's like a sleeping volcano that could reappear.

  3. Eliza Raffles

    You can't restore a relationship with a narcissist or nest of narcissists.  Covert malignant narc mothers and golden child narc brothers abuse the scapegoated children and steal family members with smear campaigns against the scapegoat, Rick.  How about that?    You ought to go look in your congregation because you have quite a few in your personal congregation down there.  Maybe the hypocrite doesn't go  to your church anymore I have no idea but these narcissistic liars and hypocrites' commit unbelievable cruelties against siblings that were scapegoated by the wolf in sheeps clothing covert malignant narcissist mother have now spread their poison out into extended family and nephews.  They've stolen everything.  Toxic – totally toxic.  Problem is you can't make the first move continually.  Scapegoated children are brainwashed to always be the ones to apologize for nothing to appease the Jezebel narc mother.   OC is RIFE with narcissists and psychopathic narcissists and fake people.  Total and complete HYPOCRITES.    Turned my cheek so many times and narc brother let me down CONTINUALLY.  NO EMPATHY.  You can't work with master manipulators good with impression management but lack empathy.  Simply cannot do it.

  4. X L

    Time heals a lot of things. Healing in the body needs time and treatment but sometime a lot of time without treatment. I have many wounds by cut and scratch and even sprain knee or wrist, time has heal the injury without any treatment.

  5. Harsono Setiono

    How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships:

    1. Make the first move
    2. Ask God for wisdom
    3. Begin with what's my fault
    4. Listen for their hurt & perspective
    5. Speak the truth tactfully
    6. Fix the problem, not the blame
    7. Focus on reconciliation, not resolution

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