Left Forum 2017 – Reality Check: Time for Radical Resistance and Green-Left Collaboration

Left Forum 2017 – Reality Check: Time for Radical Resistance and Green-Left Collaboration

The converging crises of fascism, endless war, climate change, mass migrations, and economic/racial/gender oppression create unprecedented urgency for united, radical action – in the street…


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  1. Miguel Deton

    The genesis of the concept of ‘Equitism’ as successor system to the present, [state-]capitalist system of political economy [including to state-capitalist pseudo-socialism] was linked to several connotations of this term. The term ‘Equitism’ has name-resonance with the name of the tradition of “Equitable Jurisprudence” in Anglo-American law.

    Growing out of the “Crown Chancery” in England [the Office of the Crown “Chancellor”], there emerged separate courts of equity, or “courts of conscience”, to which appeal could be made from judgments by those courts enforcing common law and statute law when a defendant held that a judgment rendered by such a common law/statute law court, even if in accord with “the letter of that law”, represented a morally inadequate remedy, and thus violated “the spirit of the laws”, therefore, per that defendant, failing to deliver “true justice”.

    In the U.S., the two, separate kinds of courts where merged into one, and the convergence of their principles begun, with U.S. courts “presiding in [both] law and equity”, and allowing “equitable” arguments and remedies, as well as “technical” arguments, and [strictly monetary] remedies. There have been homologous developments in the tradition of Napoleonic/Roman law.

    In recent parlance, the term “equitism” is often used to refer to “gender equity”, as a “synthesis”, or “mean”, of feminism and “masculinism”. It is sometimes also used to name a “synthesis”, or “mean”, between egoism and altruism. There was, earlier in American history, an individualist “equitist” movement for the amelioration of property rights injustices.

    But most importantly, the term “Equitism” is meant to invoke the concept of “Capital Equity”, and the tradition of “Stockholder Democracy” [“one-share-one-vote”] that follows from it.

    “Capital Equity” rights — rights exclusively reserved to owners of capital [of “capital equity stock”] — are seen as a “first [and inadequate] species”, but as a first modern seed, of “Economic Democracy”, as distinct from “Political-only Democracy”; are seen as the embryo of a more extensive and all-citizens-inclusive form of “Stakeholder Democracy”, and of ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’ as a whole.

    ‘Equitism’ is seen as “generalized social equity”; as “generalizing” social equity, to beyond the small class of owners of “controlling shares” of capital equity, to encompass the whole society, including every citizen, by constitutionally endowing each citizen, as a human right, with the ownership of new kinds of equitable “property”, of equalitarian ‘social shares’.


    That concentration of capital-equity ownership eventually enables those “few hands” to prostitute — to ‘“buy-out”’, in a ‘“hostile takeover”’, via an all-pervasive system of ‘legalized crime’, e.g., “lobbying”, i.e., via ‘‘‘legalized bribery’’’ — the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of political government.

    This ultimate “M&A” will thus totally defeat the constitutional “checks-and-balances” among those three, political, branches; “checks-and-balances” which were constitutionally designed to prevent this degeneration, and that were at least somewhat effective in doing so during the earlier phases of capital accumulation and capital ownership concentration.

    The ‘Equitist’ reform/revolution is seen as a ‘generalization’ of “Capital Equity”, forming a social ‘genus’ of general Equity, by adding, via constitutional amendments, several new, inclusive ‘species’ of Equity, as newly recognized universal constitutional human rights.

    ‘Equitism’ is a ‘constitutionalization’ of ‘‘‘stakeholder democracy’’’ — a ‘constitutional institutionization’ of ‘‘‘stakeholder democracy’’’.

    Social Equity — Social Justice — requires ‘Universal Equity’; every-citizen-ownership of three new kinds of equity-property, as a matter of fundamental human right.

    These new species of equity-property most prominently include:

    (1) The [collective property] human right of Citizens’ Externality Equity [which can be seen as a collective property implementation of the so-called Coase “theorem”: decentralized, comprehensive, democratic, ‘grassroots regulation’ of polluters];

    (2) The [personal property] human right of Citizens’ Birthright Equity [universal ‘socialized trust-funds’], a unified, totally portable social safety nets for each citizen born, serving, e.g., as a source for monthly guaranteed minimum annual income payments during periods of involuntary unemployment, e.g., due to AI, and;

    (3) The [“individual property”] human right of Citizens’ Stewardship Equity [via ‘socialized venture capital’], granting access to means of production to, potentially, every citizen — to citizens self-organized into democratically self-managed, COMPETING ‘socialized producers’ cooperatives’ that promulgate qualifying business plans, and that successfully enlist a Social Bank, also a Citizens’ Stewardship Equity ‘socialized producers’ cooperative’, to take the risk of backing/funding that business plan. [This conception, of ‘Citizens’ Stewardship Equity’, owes an intellectual debt to the work of David Schweickart].

    The citizen owners of successful such cooperatives hold their means of production as social property, in stewardship, not in local ownership, and pay a monthly social rent for its use that helps to fund the Citizen Birthright Equity personal Trust Funds of all citizens. They elect, and can recall, their own management. Each citizen co-owner of a successful such cooperative receives two income streams co-produced by it: [possibly unequal, skills-based] compensation for time worked in that cooperative, and an equal share of the net operating surplus of that cooperative. Continuing capitalist firms will have to compete, for labor, with these cooperatives, wherein the way workers are treated is per their own decisions. Note that this — Stewardship — relationship to the means of production constitutes a break with, and beyond, the wage-labor relationship [i.e., with, and beyond, the capital-value-relation as predominant social relation of [social re-]production]. Even if the economic dynamics of this new kind of — economic-democratic — social economy do not immediately bring the intrinsic, episodic, and worsening ‘depressionary-tendency’ of capitalist economic dynamics to its blessed end, there is reason to suppose that Stewardship cooperatives, democratically managed by their Steward members, the producers themselves, will tend to avoid the mass lay-offs by which capitalist crises self-amplify, e.g., to share reduced work hours among all the Stewards, rather than to layoff some 100%, and retain others 100%.

    The dual incomes earned by Citizen Stewardship Equity producers’ co-op co-owners will shift economic power, and social power — hence political power — decisively to the working/middle-class majority, and out of the “ever fewer hands” of the concentrated, mega-capital ownership plutocracy faction who presently rule GLOBALLY, and who presently push public policy relentlessly in the direction of a ‘humanocidal’ [“people are pollution”], ‘exterminationist’, “eugenics” police state dictatorship.

    That faction is already conducting massive ‘Stealth Humanocide’ [Stealth “Eugenics”] — even PUBLICLY declaring their ‘“95% global human population reduction”’ goal — via their ‘servant-dictator’-induced and global arms cartel-induced “civil wars”, their global drugs cartel [heroin, crack cocaine, etc.], the toxicity and ‘side-effects cascades’ engineered into their ‘pseudo-medicines’, including ‘pseudo-vaccines’, by the Rockefeller-AMA-Pharmaceutical Industry, and via engineered ‘pseudo-foods’, etc., all of which together induce mass chronic disease — diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, chronic pain/opioid addiction/overdose/mass death — plus their “genetically-engineered”, or “genetically modified [GMO]” [genetically “enhanced”],‘designer diseases’, e.g., Lyme, AIDS, Ebola, Zika, etc.

    The Stewardship co-ops will also be able to harness, and unleash, high productivity — high productive force — ‘universally prosperizing’ technologies which the ruling faction is suppressing, e.g., fusion power, whose spread would rapidly ‘technodepreciate’, to ~$0, the core capital assets upon which the power of that ruling faction is founded, e.g., their ‘Global Dictatorship of Petroleum’.

    For more about these ideas, see —

    My blog on this topic can be visited via the following link —

  2. bomba FUCKOFF

    Chris Hedges is a huge hypocrite and asshole.

    when someone actually stops Fascism in the streets like Antifa does, he equates them to the fascists themselves, calling them "gangsters".

    he dont wants nothing but the status quo, if things go even shittier then all the better, he'll just write a book about it and his stupid fans will cheer on.

  3. Janey Blunt

    Chris, you have long been a hero of mine. I consider you to be one of this country's leading intellectuals and my admiration for you is immense. However, this is like the 3rd or 4rth time that you have implied that my state of Maine is full of racists. You are from upstate NY not Maine, but have family here on your mother's side (or so you've said in other speeches). Your connection to this state is, at best, minimal.

    I believe you when you say that your Maine relatives say racist things, because there are racists everywhere and, of course, Maine is no exception. But to imply that Maine is somehow more racist than other states is BULL. In fact, having moved here from the very racially diverse state of NJ as a teenager, I can tell you that racism was a huge problem THERE and Maine was like an oasis from all of that hatred.

    I first began hearing this "rural white states are racist" meme during the 2016 D primaries. It was an intentional talking point made by the Clinton campaign ahead of southern state primaries to imply that Bernie Sanders was himself a racist for living in Vermont. One nationally syndicated columnist even went so far as to write that Bernie moved to Vermont from NYC "to get away from black people". It was a complete and utter lie, but unfortunately it worked. And why did it work?… I think that people mistakenly assume that Maine and Vermont purposely kept other races out somehow… I know from having lived in NJ that redlining is a real, and perhaps people assume we did it here? If so, they are wrong because you kind-of need to have other races living among you in order to discriminate against them in that way.

    I know Chris is highly unlikely to see this, but I'm sick of seeing my state maligned in this way and felt that I had to say something. We have our faults. Plenty of them. And yes, there are racists here just like everywhere else. But racism above and beyond that of other states is not one of them.

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