Letting Go Is Not a Weakness

Letting Go Is Not a Weakness

Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to …


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  1. Karl Jones

    look I'm not saying this guy is negative but be careful what u write. because it reveals what goes on in your home. it gives the highest ideas to store more filth, u know more words to explain. take action make things better around u now. This video is great. keep your business to yourself n what needs to change let these videos amplify u. what I'm saying is our thoughts are the answers but in all honesty shut your mouth and just move around like Jesus will in the night. they'll see our painful thoughts and create a movie out of it, they'll use our thoughts to control, to politic, to learn to drill within our hearts. u want peace don't do it so loud while your trying to use and move it for the better. this guy's so well scripted, look at the recording this guy jay where did he come from. This is his job, Cameras with resolution like this are expensive to rent. Be careful don't give this company ideas trust me. Money makes money and when u want to multiply. Youll invest n the dirtiest shit to have more. Use for use.

  2. Neha Goyal

    Very deep and very meaningful. Not meant for everyone but the ppl who hv the willingness to learn from everywhere can understand this. I feel that u r not meant for everyone in this world but for the ppl who hv goodness in their heart , who hav a desire to learn each bit of life. But ppl hav a ability to change deep down every single human being , it's just hat hey need to realize it deep down. Very well said in another of ur video it's not abt ur skill to learn but it's abt ur willingness to learn . Thank you for ur contribution to the society. Thank for sharing ur learning with us ??

  3. sandundananjay srilal

    This is my favorite of all i substitute my story to this actually her the one i loved most a girl P and here it come longer that we hold more pain we get very inspiring and motivational we wish you all the very best keep doing don't stop this changes our lives without knowing

  4. S3rp3rior

    I've be in a situation as of late that is a bit of a long story but basically someone who is suppose to be my best friend and like a little brother to me has told me that he is basically ok with excluding me from gatherings of our friends just because im a girl. He wants to do more "guys night outs" and this really hurt me because this is not only a sudden but just entirely unexpected from someone like him. As a girl i've never been anything like a "girly-girl" and it just so happened that most if not 99% of my friends are guys, and now im being told by my best friend that i cant hang out with him when he feels like having only guys around him. This all started with his bachelor party with his wedding (long story short, im a groomswoman rather than a brides maid but he wanted all guys for the bachelor party inculding that of his to be father-in-law(i suspect the in law is the culprit but i have no proof)) and i've just come to the conclusion that in most ppl's eyes its ok to say fuck other ppls emotions b/c it's my wedding type deal. However, he did not want the only guys thing to stop at just the bachelor party.

    I'm by no extreme or otherwise a "party pooper" or not comfortable with whatever conversations guys typically have, i start them even!! So i've been having a really hard time processing this because he is NOT apologizing for it. He is dead serious on this and i cant help but be hurt. My sense of brotherhood and loyalty towards him has been shattered. He even had the BALLS to tell me that he wants to spend more time with JUST my boyfriend (most of my friends are also my boyfriends friends) and that "i dont need to hang out with both of you" like idc how valid that statement may or may not be, thats fucking rude!! And yes I have talked to him extensively about trying to work this out but nothing is budging. He finally just called me saying "look i have a lot on my plate (he just had a kid and he's is getting married literally this weekend as of my posting this) and this thing is only effecting you and i just cant prioritize your feelings right now" as much as part of that statement is valid, FUCK YOU we're suuposed to be best friend and yet its ok that YOU have a fuck ton of responsibilities but I CANT, since you bitch and whine about how little we are able to hang out because my job kicks my ass every fucking day.

    I decided recently to take a very "Stoic" approach to this in order to help me heal. Basically in my mind i have stripped him of all association with being my best friend, brother, and confidant. He deserves no loyalty of mine and i will no longer mention the situation to him unless he asks. Idk if im forgiving anything per se but i know this is how i can let go. I let go of his status as my best friend, therefore its a friend that wants guys nights and is excluding me, not a brother.

    Sorry for the long post, been very frustrated with this. Any advice is appreciated, and i hope everyone has a great holiday season.

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