LIVE – Healthy Beauty & Confident Aging & How They Compliment Eachother

LIVE – Healthy Beauty & Confident Aging & How They Compliment Eachother

Aging with Confidence & Maintaining Healthy Beauty – Inside & Out PRO TIPS to save you time, money and frustration while you look, feel and present better …


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  1. M

    Hi Sharon. You described two kinds of eye bags in this video. I believe one is with puffiness and the other is not. Any chance you could show photos of the two different kinds? Do eye bags that result from aging fall in both categories?

  2. Madelyn5454

    Dear Sharon, You look especially beautiful today : silky , shiny hair , warm lipstick, flattering blouse .. You are so wise … Like I said , you are very practical and encouraging . I just started a new job in my field : medical sales .. I am thinking I have to be on my best behavior as I am older than most everyone . Thank you for your videos .. I hope to meet you one day over delicious coffee perhaps .. I hope you continue to feel better

  3. Karen Presley

    Thank you for your videos. They are very interesting and helpful. My problem is I still think like I'm 25 and have done my makeup basically the same way for years, but with updates in fashion. Now at 60, a few fine lines are beginning to appear but nothing really bad, but get darker bags under my eyes. I never seem to be able to fix it all to my satisfaction. lol, Being 25 in my mind doesn't help. I do have a heart problem called obstructive cardiomyopathy that needs surgery but need one other surgery before they attempt the heart. I'm hoping that the surgeries help me to fill so much better that it will reflect in my appearance. For now, I do need to follow your advice about hair pieces that help blend my hair until it grows out a little more from my trying to bleach it out to get that pretty gray. I hope and pray you soon feel much better. Again, thank you, Karen

  4. denise bissell

    Just a few dots of lighter foundation with peach tone really helps erase the look of my dark circles. Also a quick refreshing fluid reducing under eyes in morning is a simple wet washcloth with ice cube in it. About 2 min on each eye while I have my coffee in bed!!

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