A few subjects today: Energy of Event, The Union; Who we are. Keep in mind that with all things created by the Father are then corrupted by the enemy. Baphomet is this example of corruption….


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  1. james watson

    Oh I get it now we are all man bear pigs and the man is really the bear a D the pig is what he wants to be but the snake came and scared the man and the bear but not the pig so we all will be man bear pig so we won't really be just man all this time I was so wrong and now I truly understand man bear pig GOOD GOD MAN GO OUT SIDE TAKE A WALK TURN OFF THAT COMPUTER STOP BUILDING YOUR CULT YOU WILL FIND FOLLOWERS PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND WILL DRINK YOUR KOOL AID

  2. Travis Cook

    Brother! Trying to get back to the future, Yes I almost dropped everything to (000) but like snow Piercer. Not yet Or ever Not sure. i2 the hawk Blown away. Just lead to turn on my old computer to type this. Seems weird but i am sure it iis not
    old series AIRWOLF its all there. well nobody gets all of it. As for your fractured path, it is not. Its Our Fathers way. Not for the dogs. So criptic by not even trying but those who know can jump with ya. Cant believe I typed this. Dude, Tree (solid)

  3. Becoming Hilary

    Exactly what i received when i read this of the the bible and (why) Did we need Eve? she was the cause of the problems and why does she not say both of her children are from the Father, they are not although twins. The forbidden fruit.. she got seed from the enemy and from Adam.. Thank you. Ive been stating this to friends for the last couple weeks. I was made to read Genesis 3x. and all the Men Begot their first born- didnt say came into anyone as it does other beings. The lifespan of man was far longer . They say Enochs book isnt real but his years add to 777. So glad you mentioned the lost books. I always get chills when I watch your videos. Thank you

  4. Magi Provocateur

    😉Every single word resonates I can't stop laughing and trust me when I tell you…perfect …..described and answered everything I experienced…..and when we meet I will tell you the story of white crow my friend💓Thank you and God bless.

  5. Joanne Brown

    How do we know when Yahweh/Enlil (?)/Jehovah is talking in Old Testament Scripture compared to our Heavenly Father? Derek, I am located in AZ and do feel lead to be a part of your ministry. How do I get your time and location?

  6. Johnny Velloso

    Unless we deny our self, and fallow him. I do not want to know anything about you I only need to know is that you are dad and Christ live in you! Love you my Brother. Yes! Yes! You are great!!!! Because you are a new creature you put way the old man, and now you are a new man. You crucify the old men. We are part of the body of YESHU!!! In Him there is no SIN , and yes we can live with out SIN as HI is.👏🏾👏🏽👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏽👏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏻

  7. Azariah Yahozadak Yahoseph

    Thank you brother. I too know this is TRUE of what the Holy Spirit speaks in you and through you. I Love Arizona i know there are gathering places there as prophesied by other Children of Light i know. I want to reach out to you humbly in love through email and share a dream our Beautiful Blessed Loving Father has given me for freeing eden and giving his people and creatures refuge and teaching them how to grow again. Thank you for this message from the Heart of LOVE. Bless you and all who need Love through our Salvation and The Peace that passes all understanding in Christ YAHUSHUA Aman.

  8. Marlin Juslon

    So done with me…time to pick up the cross and do what matters most: To know who we really are. This network of subscribers I feel are the true salt of the earth. The divine power is with you. Inspired. Truly inspired by what you teach. Your teachings will bring forth abundant fruit with no worries of being strayed, broken, or up rooted. I feel as if I finally found the path to truth and righteousness, a path that is strait and narrow leading to 1+1=1. This path is pure. I clearly see that!

  9. David Lortie

    Wow! I am in the process of going to Arizona not knowing where I'm going to go. Everyday I take more steps as I walk away from myself seeking a new beginning and a new reason to exist. My family thinks I'm crazy because I couldn't tell them where in Arizona I'm going or why. Ever since I started watching Derek, I can feel my spiritual eyes open further. It's been almost 7 years since I've had a relationship, I don't like being around large groups of people and spend a lot of my time alone, I'd love to stop in and find a place to wash my spirit. I remember thinking as I watched my first video from Derek, man I'd love to meet this guy and thank him in person for the inspiration I so desperately needed to keep going.

  10. Klei_ Mouka

    uh i just hope somebody start saying what you say in greek because sometimes i get very confused :/ anyway i get what you say what message you are trying to pass to us and thank you i hope i can get better and i hope god forgives every bad that i have done and accept's me,me and all the others i hope they open theyr eyes and start believing in The real God The real Father anyway thank you sir for everything you do for me and for everyone. I hope i will meet you one day .

  11. Vic Santiago

    Thank you Derek. The world is in turmoil and I feel our time on this earth is quickly driving near.
    Satan has his grip on this world and is preparing his army for the final event….
    thank you brother for opening my mind to the word snd helping me to understand. I love you.

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