Management +balanced feed Formula of Sahiwal desi cow dairy farm in india|hindi

Management +balanced feed Formula of Sahiwal desi cow dairy farm in india|hindi

IN This Video cover Management of Sahiwal desi cow dairy farm in india and balanced feed Formula of cows. FARM ADDRES OASIS DAIRYS VILLAGE …


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  1. Suresh Chauhan

    Darshan Singh,
    Sat Sri Akal,
    My name suresh (Degree enginee).
    Your channel is usefull and good.
    Please help, i want open dairy at katni /madhya pradesh, need contact detail for mandi at reasoble price, which is near to the katni place. milking range 15 to 20 kg include price.
    Please provide above information.
    Thank you

  2. Kyesraj Raj

    Thanks for the nice informative video which gives the ratio of Concentrate feed in relation to milk output i.e approximately 50% of the milk weight is suggested here. I request you you to kindly give the cost of 1 kg of Concentrate in which OIL CAKES are also used. Also, it would be very useful to know how much Green fodder & dry matter is given per day to each milking cow. Also, let us have details of different types of feed for milking cows & for those cows which are dry( not yielding milk) temporarily. Great work from your side, please keep it up. Thanks & Regards.

  3. Basant Dhangar

    veer ji
    गेहूं की चोकर का मतलब आटे को छलनी से छान लें ने पर जो निकलता है उसे चोकर कहते हैं लेकिन समस्या ये है कि मे रे घर ज्यादा पशु होने की वजह से 25kg daily चोकर लगेगी तो इसका कोई उपाय or हमारे यहां चोकर बिक्री के लिए उपलब्ध नहीं है

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