MATURE Women! Beauty over 40

MATURE Women! Beauty over 40

Mature Beauty over 40! Now the new normal in all the catalogs and magazines. In this video I tell you have to get a great photo. I want to create a loving, happy …


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  1. TallGalVal

    I'm thinking about it. Do you know if being thin is a requirement? I am 6' tall, but need to lose about 20-25 pounds. I went to modeling school in the 70's, but it was more for confidence rather than pursuing a career. I am 57 years old.

  2. Katherine Goodacre

    Hello Dawn,
    "We have Come a Long Way Baby".
    It is so Thrilling to Continue to Breakdown Social Barries.
    As, you are Aware Petite Models or Woman of Colour were Overlooked
    by the Fashion and Beauty Industry.
    Beauty at any Age!!!
    I have agreed to Work with Parmita Katkar as a Photographer.
    Woman helping Woman.
    Still in Negotiations for the Video.
    Sensual and we are going to Bring Romance and Love back in Style.
    Looking forward to Future Videos and Advice.

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