MEAL PREP BREAKFAST RECIPES | vegan, super quick & healthy

MEAL PREP BREAKFAST RECIPES | vegan, super quick & healthy

We’re talking about vegan meal prep ideas today! And we’re whipping up some fabulous meal prep breakfast recipes! We’re making a mint chip smoothie, …


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  1. Traci Lyn

    I just finished making (and eating!) these blueberry muffins. I made them in a mini muffin pan and reduced the cooking time to about 18 mins. I would make them in a blender next time if I was making for a brunch or for a family gathering. I personally don't mind the uneven texture on top, it just adds to their charm. Delicious! I meal prepped them for the work week! 💕

  2. Christine Lamb

    I didn't realize it was meal prep week, and I kept seeing notifications for SQ and thinking, "that's unusual that she's posting every day" LOL! But yay, I get to watch your videos all week! I am so excited to make those chocolate chip raspberry protein bars, they look so delish, and have all my favorite flavors!


    Love your top. Where did you get it? Also, is there a substitute for the almond flour in the muffins? can I just add more oatmeal flour or another type of flour? I'm trying to lose weight and trying to keep the calories lower and almond flour has a ton of fat.

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