Michelle Obama Speech on Eating Healthy Food in Communities

Michelle Obama Speech on Eating Healthy Food in Communities

Michelle Obama on Eating Healthy Food in Communities. First Lady Michelle Obama announces a plan to team with grocers and other retailers to bring healthy …


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  1. Cream Cheese

    I didn't even bother watching the video, I just seen the title and wanted to comment that I hate this. tons of food is ruined cause of her. we can eat what we want.not what she wants us to. food used to be good. I hate this healthy thing so bad, one time, there was a commercial about healthy food, so I mute it and didn't even look at the tv. thanks for ruining something we need and love

  2. stefan gale

    bottom line is that its the people of America.. our choice healthy food is available around every corner of the world… wildlife and guns… trying to take our guns away relatively takes away organic meat and other food. ya'll cant do shit

  3. stefan gale

    HEALTHY HABITS ARE BORN AT HOME NOT AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!! this will not STOP CHILD OBESITY AND OBESITY in general… ignorant parents will still feed their kids what they want! its not about the prices. a human being will do anything for food… this is the worst idea on the planet. next year when this stupid law is passed i will physically go before my classes to publix and get all the junk food i want for lunch… you cant stop me…. same thing as EVERYONE in my community… think before you act.

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