Misconceptions about Health Food – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 27)

Misconceptions about Health Food – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 27)

A weekly show where we debunk common misconceptions. This week, Elliott discusses some misconceptions about health food! Want more of Elliott?


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  1. Jim Engström

    Local food should be defined ater transportation time and steps, that (for an example) a transportation from the source to the store take more than one day it shall not be called local, and if it passes more than two stops (grossist and packaging) it shall not be called local.

    Other ideas is to call it "near produced" if it come from a place within 80 km from the place where it is sold, 80 km came from that is a distance I often reached with both public and private transportation.

    P.S Sorry for my poor spelling and grammar.

  2. KJ Hamnik

    Okay, so the Organic question. Most of the farmers around here have certified organic food. HOWEVER, I refuse to pay more for something that costs less to produce. Here's my argument. Organic means that no pesticides or chemicals were used in the growing or production of the food — therefore it costs LESS for the farmer to produce. WHY DOES IT COST MORE TO BUY? Simply illogical and food that is not deemed to be organic — (moronic word usage – it's all organic fgs) is just as nutritious when prepared right.

  3. Jolin S.

    My own list:
    1. Fat IS actually very good for you!!
    2. Diet soda is MUCH worse for you than regular, plus, just having real sugar makes it taste ten times better!!
    3. You don't need to worry about cholesterol, and calories is not what you need to worry about if your trying to lose weight, just because a food doesn't have a lot of calories doesn't mean that it's healthy!!
    4. Different foods absorb more chemicals than others, for example, while apples may absorb most of the chemicals sprayed on them, oranges may not, bottom line, ORGANIC MATTERS!!
    5. There's a big difference between fit and healthy, so just because you work out doesn't mean that you can eat what ever you want!!
    6. Adding a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals into a food doesn't necessarily make it healthier, the main reason that I don't like pasteurized milk is that in the process of pasteurizing it a lot of the vitamin get taken out, so they add some vitamins back in, the problem is that your body doesn't how to abs

  4. SlavaZone

    While this video had good intentions, it basically just scolded people for being ignorant and then failed to provide any substitutes/actual healthy foods. No mention of "eat less processed foods and eat/cook most of your food directly from the earth." They could have easily said "look for whole-wheat bread that has few ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup (which is sadly in most cheap breads), and nothing bleached or enriched." No mention that the YOKE color is what determines quality/nutrition of an egg. (Btw, chicken egg yolks should actually be dark orange; we just know it to be yellow cuz we've been eating eggs from overworked hens for so long.) And there were absolutely NO mentions of pesticides in non-organic food (look up the Dirty Dozen/Clean 15). People don't choose organic cuz it has higher nutrition, they choose it because it contains less toxins! DUH!!
    So basically, since there were no actual suggestions on what IS healthy, anyone who thought these foods were healthy is going to have no clue what to eat instead after watching this video!
    If you're going to tell someone that they're doing something wrong, please always be prepared to offer what they could be doing correctly instead. Is that so hard? 🙁

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