Mormon Temples: The Blessings of the Temple

Mormon Temples: The Blessings of the Temple

The blessings of the Temple enable us to be with our families after death and return back to the presence of our Father in Heaven. Visiting the Temple brings a …


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  1. Ryan Roberts

    I used to go to the temple every moment I could find. I feel I was robbed of it by the darkness of life. It's been almost ten years since I've sat in the presence of God in the celestial room. The words of the ordinances still echo in my mind and guide me. Perhaps one day I'll find a way.

  2. Matthew Hoskisson

    +Kenneth Gray
    For some reason, Youtube doesn't have the option to respond to your post. Hopefully you see this.

    Great question. There are certain similarities between the LDS temple rites and Masonry rites, but each religion's respective rites are fundamentally different. Other religions also share many similarities with our religion; we see these similarities, including those from Freemasonry, as remnants from a common source. We do not see these similarities as one religion borrowing from another. We believe that God revealed the LDS temple rites to Joseph Smith Jr. This website gives more details on the subject:

    I'm glad that you've read the Book of Mormon. Don't be afraid of joining the Church. Many protestants have joined before, and we welcome all. If you still have reservations, you can always pray and ask God if you should join our Church. is also a great resource to help you learn more about us. Feel free to post more questions if you have any.

  3. ElephantsRock943

    +azndude3600 , if you're an analogy kind of person (I know I am), here's an analogy that might help. I heard at a fireside that Christian religions can all be related to pianos. We all play beautiful music. The keys on the piano represent truth. Other an Christian Faiths can still play beautiful music, but we can play more beautiful music because we have more keys, or more truth.

  4. Seth Gray

    This is beautiful.. I get a feeling of peace watching this that I cannot describe in mere words.

    I am a Mason, and I have heard that some of the temple rituals were borrowed from our rites. Does anyone know if this is true? I am considering converting to the LDS church, but am worried I'm the only protestant who has. The Book of Mormon is a wonderful work of holy writ to read.

    I hope to hear from someone…

  5. Vickie Fullmer

    Temples allow us to learn with our Savior as the Master teacher.  He is our true Savior and teaches us in the Temples things that we can only learn through him in The Temple.  Without Temples, we miss out on so many teaching and true principles being taught by our Savior.  Our Savior comes to the Temples and teaches us through the spirit if we are worthy to receive.  Come willing and ready and you will be taught.  He is the masterful teacher.  He is our one and only Savior.  He is the only one that can take us and teach us the things we need to know so that we can return to our Heavenly Father.  The principles are vital.  We just need to listen and obey.  We can do it.  He loves us and is here guiding us back.  

  6. Vickie Fullmer

    Temples offer insights into the eternities that we cannot gain anywhere else.  We must attend The Temple in order to obtain these insights – they don't just come to us in our homes or in our thoughts.  Our Savior visits us in The Temples and offers us peace and comfort.  

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