MOVING VLOG! IKEA, Painting, Renovations & STRESS!!

MOVING VLOG! IKEA, Painting, Renovations & STRESS!!

I’m getting ready to move to a new house, see what I got up to organizing, a trip to IKEA, and trying to select the paint color. I’ll be back soon once we’ve moved!


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  1. NewBeginner27

    Moving is always stressful and freaking out a bit before is just normal. Do the best you can and try not to be 100% perfect. Some things can wait a bit. Thinking about priorities might help, e.g. you are thinking about decluttering your bathroom before you move. Of course you don'r want to take stuff with you, you don' t wanna use anymore, but still is it really necessary to do that before you move? I would just throw everything in boxes. After moving in, just wait a bit before unpacking it. If you did not miss it after e.g. 1 month of moving in, the decision has been made automatically 🙂 Better than stressing yourself out now and trying to make so decisions. Wish you all the best.

  2. Blueyez369

    Home renos and moves are quite stressful on their own, never mind together, it's pretty understandable to be a bit overwhelmed. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible! Also, honestly, I'd have been tempted to find a new paint store regardless, that's just too much hassle. I hope the paint worked out 🙂

  3. TalcFree

    If it makes you feel better, it took me 15 paint samples to get my color and it still looks very different when you paint the whole houses versus the swatch on the wall. Hope you found your color, otherwise, don't freak out. You can really paint any time, it's just more of a hassle to rearrange the things you want to do in a sequential order.

  4. Sve Tiko

    Dear Julia! Thanks a lot for always finding time for us❤some magical how you always upload the exact thing that I'm going through! We moved, wo got some walls broken, some new windows and doors, new paint etc, floor… it was so much stress (with a 1.5 year old baby) that I was getting really bad thoughts… But then I realised – it will be done soon or late. And when it's done – it's so worth it! It's beautiful and customised ! Even though the workers have made several mistakes and done things not quite as we told them to – my stress passed and I got used to… ofc the wall color is not just a small detail. Please stay strong! I'm with you since mischievous time 😙 and will never unsubscribe, you are my friend now! 😊 Lots of love, from Istanbul (originally I'm European, but my hubby works here)

  5. Jajuhuu

    Umzüge sind so stressig und je mehr man hat, desto nerviger ist es. Ich hoffe, deine Dermatitis kommt nicht zurück. Pass gut auf dich auf und versuch dich zwischendurch auch mal zu entspannen, das ist sehr wichtig. Alles alles Gute!

  6. Maria Appo

    Your Odin is just endlessly perfect. Every glace, every move,  has meaning in animals, all one can do is feel and give them kindness, you are wonderful for treating him that way.    Also as you feel stressed, you may wish to follow Sadhguru on Youtube, you will be able to live your life without having the mind take control.    Also for your skin, remember it is what we feed our bodies that has the good or not so good impact on our skin, how we feel, how much energy we have, etc., see Robert Morse on Youtube and you will be enlightened completely. Take special care always, Maria from Cyprus.

  7. rose_mary2501

    We are starting to build our own house, and I am hoping we will move there this autumn. I am already stressed out about it because we have a two year old daughter so I can't really focus on buying stuff for the house as much as I want…

  8. StephyPlantbased

    oh, he gave u metrocreme as well. Oh man, i dont wanna take oral antibiotics 🙁😱😩 my under eye regions look soooooo horrible atm. I have this since end of february now. Started on my chin, then nasolabial, then between my eyes (Nasenwurzel) and now above my brows and under my eyes. wtf 😩 Dermatitis sucks

  9. Ann

    I love your blogs. May I ask what type of car you ow where you can haul Ikea furniture?  I am in the market for a new car and I like the fact you can actually get the ikea furniture boxes in your car.

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