My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet! Before & After video/photos

My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet! Before & After video/photos

You CAN do it too! Find out how here: Check out Nadia’s channel here: …



  1. Blaine Poole

    I decided to do some research on the diet “fetching tuti space” (Google it) after a close friend informed me about how much unwanted weight she dropped. Following hearing about her results, shed 16 pounds, I decided to google the “fetching tuti space” for myself.

  2. Annette Gerber

    Finally, I have uncovered a diet plan that is effective for me. I only wish that I had come across this diet program a long time ago. I know I would of lost at least 8 more lbs. Google “sowo hope site” for more information.

  3. Wasser Man

    Wow! I used to be so fit like this! I've dropped 35 pounds but trying to keep doing as much as I can to get back there now. Great inspiration! Wish I was as good as you at making/editing content. If I was, I'd start my own raw foods channel. Any suggestions for a newbie?

  4. Wasser Man

    Wow! Amazing! I've been on mostly high raw foods for nearly 3-4 months. I dropped 30+ lbs in that time but have hit a plateau. Any tips? I'm wondering if I need to cut avocados & huge salads with so many different veggies and go mostly fruit. Any tips? Thinking of trying the banana diet for a weekend but I still have bloating, and haven't been able to drop any more since the 30 lbs came off. I also can't exercise much because if I over do it or even just do a little too much walking, I have hip/back/tailbone issues from my ex assaulting me. Any tips on dropping another 60-70 lbs?! Also trying to avoid excess skin in the arms, legs, belly area with the weightloss. I was at 210+ and now down to 180ish +/-. Any suggestions, please let me know! I always used to be very thin & lean like you prior to getting married & my diet completely changing for the negative. I was also feeding my children high fruit/veggie diet, all raw & since they've been with my ex a lot, they've gained a very unhealthy excess pounds/weight, and have serious mood/behavior changes, not to mention the vaccines he forces them to have against my & their wishes. Love your videos!!

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