My Diet Routine! (What I Eat In A Day)

My Diet Routine! (What I Eat In A Day)

Style, Beauty, Anti-Aging, & Health for Women in Their Hot-Flash Years! EXPAND THIS BOX FOR MORE INFO!! Thanks for watching! I’d love to hear from you, …


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  1. Ekaterina Kozlovskaia

    Dear Angie. Thank you for this video! So inspirational ! Especially love the part in which you talk about how you view food and the portion control. I try to eat healthy myself without being fanatical about it. However i see people who struggle because they just don't have the good reason for eating healthy. Most women magazines talk about dieting before the bikini season but it is so wrong! So I am sure this vide is useful for many people !

  2. Cynthia Claessens

    Angie, I love your videos and appreciate your straightforward style. I myself live a low-carb lifestyle but obviously what you're doing works for you. You have healthy, glowing skin and a beautiful glowing soul (or you're a really good actor). 😀 Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend of people wanting to make their diet of choice a religion. You keep on being your fabulous self. My gain from this video is that I will add more fish into my diet (I normally eat mainly chicken) and add more dark, leafy greens to my salads.

  3. Brigette Barfoed

    What is your view on alcohol? Especially wine as I live in France. They DO make great wines! Hooked on Rosé at the moment. I eat pretty much what you do. I'm 57 (just), 175 cm tall and weigh 60 kg. I take a size M or 38/40 in tops and 38 in jeans (slim ones not skinny). Wear similar clothes to you, but have noticed my middrift (oh boy!) Old age is not for chickens! Thanks for all the inspirational videos, I love them!!!! Keep it up! xxx Biggy

  4. dawn hendrickson

    Angie, this is such an informative and comprehensive way to explain your personal diet and your "relationship" with food. You have such a great, slim figure it's reassuring to know you put in the work to stay this way. Thank you for sharing your ideas and tips for what works for you!

  5. Kristina Sandulova

    I think your video is super inspirational and to me personally it had a huge influence! I think you look superb for your age and I fully admire you for your motivation, discipline ! The people around you should be so happy to know you! Wishing you all the very best to you and your family!

  6. nixNax

    Hi Angi ?? (not sure how to spell your name??) something to lower your cholesterol is a home remedy but it WORKS!! lemons & garlic!! wash 5 lemons skin on put together with 5 whole garlics plus 1 litre of water. ring to boil for 10 – 15 minutes on medium heat. take off, mash all together put in fridge. drink half a cup each morning for 1 week?? or until finished THIS can only be done ONCE every 12 months!!! PLEASE DO NOT repeat this sooner then 6 months!! VERY IMPORTANT!! it will clean artery and cholesterol !! BUT doing this more times during the year can also have other effects?? Once a year is plenty and you will see results!!
    God bless honey and thank you for your videos Love them xxx

  7. Jane Bawter

    Tilapia is a dirty populated fish — Tuna and sword fish — mercury — Danger Will Robinson.
    You seem to be doing fine with weight 😉 and your cholesterol numbers are down… how are your other numbers – not the overall 165 score? Just saying your diet/food choices aren't great…. but you have portion control down very well. Congrats.

  8. Jennifer S.

    This info is a bit outdated. Eggs do not affect cholesterol, they are extremely healthy with goods fats in them. Check out the research. You talk about avoiding "high fat" foods, but you don't specify that trans fats should be avoided. Monosaturates and polysaturates are good fats. Your info is great aside from all of what I mentioned.

  9. Christina Golden

    What an excellent video! Health and wellness is finally starting to wake the masses! You are what you eat! I've just joined Arbonne. I've learned so much and have confirmed so many things. Our nation is WELL FED, but UNDERNOURISHED. Thanks for sharing. Great videos all around!

  10. Lindy Ford Nutrition & Wellness

    Angie, Thanks for this video. You are doing a lot of great things. Please take or leave this advice. I am a Registered Dietiitan/Nutritionist and run a private practice. According to the latest research, low cholesterol diets don't have much affect on blood cholesterol. Your cholesterol will not be affected if you eat eggs, shrimp etc.What we are finding is that carbohydrate drives cholesterol (LDL-the bad one) and triglycerides. The cereal you are eating has over 40 grams of carbohydrates which is inflammatory and not heart healthy. I know you are not eating much. Grassfed beef is heart healthy so there is no reason to avoid it or substitute with turkey. The newest studies now show that low fat dairy contributes to diabetes and heart disease. . . fat really doesn't make you fat unless we completely overdo it. . carbohydrate is what drives so much of this. . .

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