My Food Addiction Story and How I Got Free!

My Food Addiction Story and How I Got Free!

Food addiction is a real thing, and I’ve learnt how anything can become an addition even with the overconsumption of healthy foods. Since having counselling …


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  1. Carolina10961

    I can relate to this so much! I have been struggling with compulsive overeating and food addiction for quite a while now. And although Im getting better at dealing with it and I'm going to the psychologist its still tough and it feels like she does not give me a lot of practical tips on how to combat the overwhelming urge to eat and eat and eat… I reckon Im going to give BetterHelp a shot. I hope sooner or later we are all going to break free from our addictions, whether it is food or any other substance. Stay strong! ❤️

  2. niamhgraceee

    Oh my thank you for this Robyn! I could never properly name what I’ve been going through! I literally say to my friends I would rather be addicted to heroin so I could actually completely cut it out. Thank you for sharing betterhelp as well 💛💛💛

  3. Jackie V

    I am a food addict and I've actually had to enter a 12-step program because it was so powerful. For me, I would categorize it as an eating disorder because mine is both mental and physiological/chemical. There are different levels of addiction, I believe, and mine has several layers. The 12-step program I was in helped free me but ultimately, if you don't address the emotional need for healing as well as physical, you can't really be free. It's a progressive disease so I would encourage everyone to get help right away before it gets so bad they can't stop. I didn't use to be this bad, but now, it's spiraled out of control and it's my own personal hell. I will look into that site you talked about. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing on this!

  4. Jeremy Sennett

    I wish there was a girl like you near where I lived. I love your sincerity, integrity, and straightforwardness. Also, you have the silliest personality in your opening intros. Your goofiness always makes me smile and I mean that in the greatest way. 🙂

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