My Morning Routine | Healthy Breakfast Recipe, Skincare, Makeup and Outfit | Wengie

My Morning Routine | Healthy Breakfast Recipe, Skincare, Makeup and Outfit | Wengie

My morning routine as requested by you guys! 🙂 I show you my morning skincare routine, an easy healthy breakfast and my latest go to outfit for a relaxed day!


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  1. Frostfeather Caitlin

    My morning routines:
    Get woken up by my mom
    get my bag packed to go to my grandmas while my mom and dad are working
    sleep on the couch
    get woken up by brother
    go to my grandmas house
    sleep more
    wake up again
    eat toast and cereal

    Wake up or get woken up around 12:00 pm
    get on computer
    get off computer
    eat and read
    use computer
    go to grandmas at like 6:00 pm which isn't morning but whatever

    Wake up at grandmas
    use the bathroom for a bit
    eat breakfast
    read or draw

    School days:
    Wake up at like 7:00
    realizes i have 56 minutes until i'm late for school
    rush to the bathroom
    get dressed
    play with my cat for a while
    get in my mom or brother's car and then go to school


  2. Miss Meow

    My Morning Routine:
    Snuggle my cat Ziggy or Pixie (my profile pic is Ziggy)
    Press snooze on my alarm
    Sleep for 5 minutes
    Switch of my alarm
    Check sleep waves (I use an app called Sleep Cycle)
    Go to the toilet (wash my hands)
    Shower (if I don't need to I'll just run some water and wash my face)
    Brush my hair (if my hair is wet I'll blow dry it)
    (Straighten hair, depending on hairstyle)
    Go eat
    – Brown Toast. Blended avocado. Feta cheese. Smooth avo on toast. Put feta on.
    – Granola, milk, Greek yogurt, blueberries and strawberries.
    – Oats
    – Fruit or veggie smoothie
    Go back to bathroom and brush teeth.
    Get dressed
    Do makeup
    Get some coffee
    Upload on SnapChat and Instagram

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