My Morning Skin Care Routine | Anti Aging Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage | Womens Skin Care

My Morning Skin Care Routine | Anti Aging Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage | Womens Skin Care

Welcome to my healthy morning skin care routine. This is a DIY at home facial massage / healthy skin care routine. As a 40 year old woman, I’ve altered my anti …


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  1. evnomia iw

    I wish to express my gratitude to you for your high quality healing expertise in your videos. Within 2-3 days of having performed ALL your lymphatic exercises regularly everyday from your videos, I immediately experienced quick results: quick drainage fluid in my stomach and legs, my energy levels increased, my hormonal levels balanced out, I'm happier and lighter in energy feeling nice in my body, I'm walking quicker without exhauston, regular bowels movements, decrease in cellulite. These exercises have a tremedous impact on me, my body, and my soul AND they are accessible to use them wherever I go! Your geniune caring and vibrant energy is an inspiration and is especially motivating when instructing each exercise inclusing the rebounding ! I have a question, on the facial massage, it is possible to make a video just on lymphatic face massage movements? I am confused which direction on the face is correct to direct the flow of the lymphatic? Thank you very much from Crete, Greece

  2. Judie Colligan

    Thanks for the wonderful video! Do you suggest using peptides? I've been using one from Trader Joe's and love the softness it provides to my skin. I was wondering if you could do a video on a full body dry brush routine? I downloaded the pdf but would love to see the actual stroking on each area of the body (with modesty, of course). Thanks for sharing your enlightening knowledge with us!

  3. cheryl monteiro

    Thanks so much for sharing. Your videos are so informative. I just started dry brushing my body last week. Thanks for the information about the castor oil. I had a small cyst under my arm about 2 yrs ago which was as small as a pin.. My doctor monitored it. I was sent to a surgeon he told me not to touch within a year it grew to the size of a nickel it was inflamed and infected I had to have surgery. I have castor oil in my medicine cabinet I use it on my hair and eyebrows where my hair is thinning because of age…I would have used it on the cyst and at lease I could have monitored to see if castor would have dissolve the cyst. Once again, thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Lara O'neal

    Thank u so much for ur response. I love that u r a Natureopath and love the natural products u use. You look beautiful and have such a natural glow to ur skin. What do u think of the laser max for hair growth? I bought one and I don’t use it enough but it’s been 2 months and I don’t see much change in my thinning spots. Also they tell u to put the laser on my scalp directly which I do and then move through the hair and then when it beeps go to next area. I cannot move it through my actual hair because I’m noticing it super dries out my hair and makes it frizzy . I’m like your coloring light skin brown hair which they recommend because darker skin it does not work well. Anyway what do u think about the hair max? I still have time to return it. Been using it for over 2 months. I just started also using Karanique products. I am post menopause also but am in very good health. Can u please enlighten me on my hair loss . It is very thin in the hairline especially and seems to be getting thinner. Is the hairmax even worth it. Thank u so much.

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