My Shed – Day 1 and 2 // MJ Healthy Living

My Shed – Day 1 and 2  // MJ Healthy Living

Home Sweet Home… or rather… Home Sweet Shed… no… Home Sweet Shed-Stead! Hey everyone! Long time no video – I know… sorry – but honestly, nothing …


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  1. CA Catr

    Wow. So you've actually been sleeping there for about four nights now! Your adventure has begun! In 2016, I lived for four months in a rammed Earth structure 9' X 14', two small windows, no lofts at all, no heating or cooling, just a smidgen of sporadic solar electricity, and charged my phone in my car. Rammed Earth equalizes temperature fairly well, but cold and hot were still cold and hot. You are fortunate to have those lofts and bigger windows, and you will find a space-efficient place for everything! We aren't emotionally accustomed to independence, so adjustment is to be expected. Remember that all our forebears were independent just like you are, it was normal and fine. One year from now, you'll be almost an expert at this, and will have made many little improvements, from insulating your walls and floor and roof, hanging woolen blankets over the walls, many things. Let your ingenious ideas run wild! You are free to be as creative as you want to be! You'll be amazed at how resourceful you'll become! 🙂

  2. Hewett Homestead

    That is so awesome Miss Judy… I'm so glad you are finally getting out there where you want to be. I also long for the day where I can just sell all of this junk and move out to a piece of land and live simple. God bless you hun and keep on going!

  3. Bobblehead Homestead

    SO happy for you!!! You're doing it!!! Enjoy the roller-coaster ride! I was just thinking about you tonight, hadn't heard from you in a while and I was remembering all the great comments I got from you that helped inspire me. Whatever obstacles you face, don't let them get you down, you can enjoy the freedom.

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