My Skin Care Routine 2017 | Get Clear Naturally Glowing Skin | Victoria Victoria

My Skin Care Routine 2017 | Get Clear Naturally Glowing Skin | Victoria Victoria

O P E N M E —— I hope you guys enjoy my skin care routine for youthful, glowy skin. Manuka aids in the production of collagen and eliminates acne. Coconut oil …


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  1. Suzanne Campbell

    Omg I love Bio-oil. You do have great skin. I'm biracial as most a lot of those. So glad you said that about the alcohol I do this too. The Bio oil for my few stretch marks from having my Son. I also love the Palmers Coconut Butter cream. Question any tips to get your legs and feet from looking ashy. I've got naturally dry skin. I love all things Organic or Anything with no animal testing. I started using the Bio-oil from Oprah. She had it listed as one of her have to have. I'm a Country Girl too. You have a natural glow I'm loving, I do not know your age yet you look very young. Not having children. Thanks so glad I found your channel.💖💖. I'm growing out my hair after I chopped it off due to chemicals. I also stopped washing and using all the straightening iron n blow outs. Our scalp needs the natural oils. I'm a semi retired Cosmetologist. You never truly get out if you love what you love…

  2. Lydia Parham-Brown

    Hi Victoria! First I'd like to thank you for the various videos you post and so many more I have yet to see! You are so lovely and genuine as your sweet personality really shines through! Thank you! Now, I would like to ask what you would do about stubborn ingrown hairs on your face (pretty embarrassing but yes) and I have dealt with this for years and have tried some treatments but not for long like one made of sugar and raw honey and one with coffee or even crushing up an aspirin and mixing with a little water as i't's supposed to help. Like I said, I need to be consistent with one for a while to see results but I have been recently with a sugar face scrub, mixed with essential oils like orange and bergamot (to name a few but they're more but I can't remember them as I don't have the prepared bottle right in front of me now)/carrier oil. What can one do prevent them growing and curling itself underneath the skin in the future?! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  3. Auntie Awakens U

    I love masaging my face with coconut and vitamin e oils.
    I also do my facial exercises at the same time.
    I use the book called '5 minute Face Building'.
    I don't look anywhere near almost 57.
    And my diet consists of bone broth, salads and pink lady apples

  4. ThickIzBeauty

    Maybe you should look into pure vegtable glycerin soap, it's amazing for very sensitive normal to dry skin, You can make it yourself as well, check it out! I loved coconut oil and bio oil but my skin can't handle the lavender in the bio oil and the coconut oil gives me a allergic reaction🤗

  5. Rose Marie

    Just want to say, I am subscribing! I'm not a woman of color, and my hair is straight as a darn board 😕 but it seems like many of your videos are universal. I love your sweet way of talking about sensitive issues and self care, girly friends are something I really don't have. Thank you for all your videos! Btw, country girl here too! 😊

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