My Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Product Recommendations | L’amour et la Musique

My Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Product Recommendations | L’amour et la Musique

Hey guys 🙂 I get asked a lot by friends who are looking to lead more natural/less toxic/greener lifestyles where they can start – and indeed, the process can seem …


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  1. Plant Girl

    I'm just switching to green products myself and your videos are super helpful! I did wash my hair with Dr Bronner's a clue times and it made my hair really greasy (and I have thick hair, I can only imagine on thin hair). As for the probiotic, I'm not totally with you. I agree that they help a lot of people but they don't work for everyone. I have ibs and they do nothing for me. I take a chewable digestive instead and that works so just a different idea to consider 😊

  2. Emma Wilson

    definitely try diluting the dr. bronner's! i personally do a 1/4 bronner's to 3/4 water dilution and it works just as well and lasts way longer. i found that was about as low as i could go without finding myself just using more of it to make up the difference. i leave the undiluted bottle under the sink and have a little squeeze bottle for every day use and every so often just fill it up. also, after dating a guy who only washed his pits/ass/face and had beautiful skin and smelled great, i tried it out and won't be going back. i find the rest of my body just really doesn't need the soap, unless i've gotten extra dirty somehow (which occasionally does happen). but that mixed with dry skin brushing has saved me from any bacne that i used to think needed salicylic acid body wash. NOPE! it just needed me to leave it alone and be more natural. 🙂 i never found dr. bronner's to be drying, but for anyone saying that try the only spot soaping thing. that and sticking to the baby mild should help!

  3. gabi b

    Thanks so much for sharing your top 5 products! I just realized it was filmed a year ago, and I was wondering if you have anything to add to this list… maybe you've discovered more essential products in this past year? 🙂

  4. greenloleeta

    Hello 🙂

    I just purchased my first bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap, which I bought the peppermint one. Have you used this one to wash your makeup brushes? My hands feel a bit dry afterwards, and I'm worried it may eventually dry out my brushes. Do all the soaps from this brand leave that dry feel after? I'm curious whether it may be the peppermint that's leaving the dry feeling. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Ru Chan

    I've heard done people say Dr Bronners is a little drying as a body wash – what do you think? I love ACV for mixing with my clay masks, I also mix it with water to use as a zit-zapping toner. I was taking Digest Gold but ran out of it (it was a gift) and I immediately saw a difference in my, erm, digestive process. I'll def check out BioKult, thanks for the recc. 🙂

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