My Vegan Diet Guide | Carlos Costa

My Vegan Diet Guide | Carlos Costa

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  1. Jesus PeDraza

    Maybe next time you can share your day to day meals and the struggles being that we live in a fast pace and Vegan seems to consume a lot of time. I personally am not Vegan nor plan on becoming but I do love food and enjoy vegan plate from time to time.

  2. alpenjon

    I appreciate you doing a bit on vegan diets, as I myself like to promote animal-friendly choices and have been vegan for a decade now. But saying that you get all the vitamins from plants is definitely not true, unless you're making the effort of getting chlorella algae regularily, which is expensive. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) should be supplemented, and you can do that by using fortified foods or eating a 1000 microgram vitamin pill e.g. 2x per week which costs you $15 per year if you get it cheap. Because there are many vegans ignoring / not aware of this and therefore are deficient in the long run (according to medical literature), and because health effects of said deficiency can be catastrophic,especially during pregnancy / child rearing, I think it's important to mention this fact.

  3. Shaf Serious

    Vegan!!!!! Hipster video! Nothing replaces meat, chicken etc, we have teeth, we are carnivors, both vegetables and meat are human food. We need a balanced diet, so we have nutrition from both sources. You cant indulge in one type of food, balance is key.

  4. bloodwater phoenix

    Awesome video as always. like you said being vegan isn't that hard I think personally the hardest thing is to say that you're going to be vegan. I'm eating a vegan diet for nearly a year now and it's just insane how much energy you have and besides that I feel much better. keep up the good work.

  5. Jeroen Haaksema

    Going vegan doesn't have to be hard! And a lot of the food is incredibly good. The chickpea salad doesn't really show in the video but if people want to make it at home. The recipe is here:

    What I would like to see is a more hands-on video with what you eat on an average day? Just to give people a better idea of what a vegan diet can consist of and how not scary the change can be.

    P.S: I'm nitpicking here but I do think you should have mentioned B12. Unless you're drinking fortified 'milk' and getting it in with nutrional yeast it can be really hard to come by on a vegan diet. You mentioned vitamines but this one does deserve it's own mention in my opinion.

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