NATURAL WAYS TO DEFEAT DEPRESSION! #depression #healthyliving #life

NATURAL WAYS TO DEFEAT DEPRESSION! #depression #healthyliving #life

The state of depression has and will likely affect us all at some point in our lives. Since this is the case; I have decided to solely dedicate this vlog to sharing nine …


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  1. Astralboobaby

    ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby's Affirmations (daylight and night-time affirmations)

    • I AM the master of my OWN destiny and therefore, I choose a balanced state of mind and Being.

    • I love, honor and embrace all that I AM, have been and intend to be!

    • I AM filled with joy, gratitude and a never ending flow of abundance!

    • I AM and will always be greater than my environment and circumstance.

    • I defy ALL odds!

    General Affirmations for Good Health

    • Every Cell in my body vibrates with energy and health

    • Loving myself heals my life. I nourish my mind, body and soul

    • My body heals quickly and easily

  2. Nita Tarr

    “I picked up this book after taking an overdose with suicidal intent. I had suffered with depression and suicidal feelings since the age of 12.  I had tried turning away from God, but found only fleeting satisfaction, but when I sought God, found myself crippled with fear and confused about why I was failing in my spiritual walk. I felt unable to keep up appearances to fit in with other Christians.  From the moment I opened this book, I felt it speak deeply into my heart. It is as though the author knows me personally, and she speaks in real and honest terms about common experiences.  It has saved my life.” – Read ‘Suicidal Christians’ a book by Nita Tarr.

  3. 594freerun

    I have to talk like I'm a sure individual so here it goes im starting to completely overcome depression without medication. And tomorrow Im taking a chance to save my woman now you may judge my subscriptions but I'm tired of violence and fear its time to get out there and finish what I've started. Thank you abb and I give u my prayers and I hope I succeed In what I'm after.

  4. Sting

    Yes! Your youtube page, videos, comments, website and insight on many subjects is what gets me going and helped me to get through a lot of rough times.

    Honestly speaking, you and a beautiful woman by the name of nubiaisutton1 are my TOP favorite divine masculine and feminine youtubers! I get a lot of inspiration from you and her!

  5. Astralboobaby

    The difference between fish and flesh is blood-flow and if fresh fish is captured from uncontaminated waters, we don't have to worry about consuming steroids when we eat it. Mercury can be an issue in some fishes though… Fish is also much easier to consume and digest and doesn't hold a lot of blood. So, in my opinion, fresh fish is a much better choice than animal flesh.

  6. Sting

    Today,I had to come back and take a look at this video. This time, I took notes; writing out each step for myself. I've been going through a lot of sadness and depression lately. I'm not one to really open up to people about my issues except for my closest friend but I just wanted to say, you have helped so many of us in ways that you probably could not even imagine.

    Thank you Astralboo for all you do : ) Much love!

  7. priddyihnpinc

    I Love Love Love Love LOVE this video. How relevant! Haha! Everything you discussed is my lifestyle and I will attest I annoy people with joy all the time. Lol… This has not always been the case for me. Life began to change when I went vegetarian. Then it soared when I did the Full Body Detox. I'm just going to add a 10th tip to this list. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Connect to your Source within. Love you ABB!

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