Near Death Experiences Explained – Truth About NDEs

Near Death Experiences Explained – Truth About NDEs

Can near-death experiences be explained by science? What’s the truth about NDEs? Fear not: there’s no evidence of the supernatural. Modern brain science has yielded interesting new studies…


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  1. Holy Koolaid

    Sorry, it's a bit late. I don't like releasing anything like this that isn't thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and polished. Hopefully, it's worth your time. What would you like me to investigate next? Thank you for the view. 🙂

    Also, since I'm sure that people are going to ask why I didn't include something about DMT. I read just about every research article I could find from the last decade on NDEs, and I couldn't find any conclusive evidence that DMT has anything to do with NDEs. It's an interesting hypothesis, but until more research is done in this area, I feel it's misleading to include it. And yes, I'm also aware of the study that showed an electrical spike in rats' brains at the time of death. This may provide a clue into the nature of NDEs, if the same is true for humans, but more research is needed in this area. I may bring it up in future videos, this one was just getting very long/labor-intensive already, and I wanted to avoid speculation as much as I could.

  2. Heat tracer Doom

    Both the religious and the spiritual cannot accept the fact that death is just that… Death. They also cannot accept the fact that we know all there is to know about reality. But their feeble, pathetic minds are compelled by some innate human need to believe in bullshit. It would have been acceptable about 2000 years ago or maybe even 400 years ago. But today !!!?!?!??!?

    REALITY check list

    1: god isn't real (get over it)
    2 souls aren't real (get over it)
    3: good and evil aren't real ( get over it)
    4: The afterlife isn't real (get over it)
    5: insert any supernatural or pseudo scientific claim here ( hey what do you know? Get over it!)

  3. laotzu4272

    I have had many near death experiences. And I can tell you they are real! I worked in a cemetery for 5 years and I was near death every day. It was during this period that I discovered the secret of immortality. One day I met the specter of death on the cemetery grounds. I asked if he had come to take my life, he said that I had not completed my tasks on earth and he would not take me until I had finished the things I had to do. I instantly realized that procrastination is the secret to eternal life.

  4. Graeme Lastname

    I've been 'dead' three time. Very interesting indeed. I've also had acid once, very similar. I do enjoy having the religious ones explain to me what will happen when I die. I have never hit even one of them, not one. I'm amazed at my self control.

  5. RustyTube

    As someone who had an NDE back in the Seventies (in my twenties), in another country, without having heard of the phenomenon before, I wouldn’t call the experience meaningless. It was the most amazing experience of my life. It had nothing to do with any religion or anything supernatural. That despite me having been a Catholic who believed in god and the supernatural at the time. If anything, it was the one experience in my life that led to me eventually leaving all that belief behind.

    So what if it is rare? Are you suggesting the 9% of cardiac arrest patients who experienced it made it all up just because the others did not experience it? Or that just because some unscrupulous con artists who have heard of it would make up ridiculous stories (that anyone who actually did have an NDE would recognize as fake), such an experience is not possible?

    And no, I did not have a cardiac arrest at the time (my body was fighting an infection of my lymphatic system and I had high fever, how high I do not know because I was in a hotel room and we did not have a thermometer), and I did not see any special light, no dead people came to say hello, and I never left the hotel room during the experience. I also was not looking for any hidden artifacts to prove my experience later. I was floating above my body, watching it shake, though I fell no connection to “him”. Then I saw my mother and her sister standing at “his bed” (I was watching them from the middle of the room by then, so I just saw their backs) and I was puzzled why they were weeping when I was feeling so good.

    I don’t remember how I got out of, and then back in to, my body. I have never thought about it as being in any way supernatural, and, quite frankly, I don’t understand why so many people who never had such an experience dismiss it as “unscientific”. How on Earth do you suggest I or anyone prove it scientifically (or that we care if anyone else believes us). I did not know in advance it was going to happen, so what kind of controlled experiment was I supposed to do? And it has never happened to me since then. It is rare, it is unpredictable. It is, for all intents and purposes, untestable. But it does happen every so often.

  6. Blue Lotus Organic Red Wine

    The same goes for alien and ufo experiences. The thing to ponder is, when a dog dies, does it stay dog consciousness for eternity, or when we die….as NDEs report seeing family members….then do we stay who we are through eternity , as human? If NDEs are true, then theres no karma, because theres no resurrection into another body…sorry hindus…aaahhhahaha

  7. COSMIC Phoenix

    Like I suspected, before I even viewed this video I intuitively knew that you had never experienced a NDE yourself. So essentially you are talking out of your ass, about things you have no real experience with. I on the other hand have experienced quite a few NDEs in my life. Multiple things I lived through that all known medical science says I should be dead many times over again. Nice cherry picking with the NDE examples and research you showed to btw to support your naturalistic world view that you obviously have a predisposition to.

    Thank you for shedding some light on why it is that so many atheists have such an obvious fear of the "supernatural" being proven to be real. I make this accusation based on evidence. Your very admissions at the end of this video for starters. World famous Atheistic scientist Lawrence Krauss has stated in a number of interviews, panel board discussions and debates that he doesn't want to live in a universe where God exists, that the thought of God's existence and anything supernatural is depressing for him. Krauss is one of many atheistic scientists that have said and made similar statements. Thank you for showing and proving to me that I am well justified to not trust a single word that comes out of any atheist mouth, or any scientific published paper that any atheist has published. Until atheists at large as a whole community start expressing themselves in ways that prove and show that you are actually open minded and objective about the possibility that the supernatural is real, and that you would even welcome that and see it as an amazing, wondrous thing that would benefit everyone if and when the supernatural can be proven to be a thing, I will go on (as I suspect most Christians will) not trusting atheists at all.

    In other words atheists if you want theistic minded people to take you seriously, and you desire for us to see you as good people who are just doing their best to make sense out of this thing we call life and reality, then I suggest you start being a lot more open minded regarding supernatural claims, because whether you know it or not you are being highly disrespectful, rude, insulting, and offensive.

  8. generalmax

    2 Big flaws.
    #1. People who hallucinate do not come back from the hallucination and live their lives totally different. And no longer have a fear of death.
    #2. The grand majority of NDE'S collaborate the basic details of the experience. If the NDE'S were fabricating this phenomenon, wouldn't they try to outdo each other's stories?
    In my Christian walk I have never had an NDE. ( thank God). However I have had a lot of experiences with that Holy Spirit realm. So yes there is absolutely no question that many of them are relating true, factual events.

  9. Jotham Bessey

    I was knocked out in a midnight car accident once. While unconscious, I had a dream that it was midday and my car was sliding sideways toward a light pole. When the car stopped, and I opened my eyes, there was no light pole.
    Considering these people probably knew there was the possibility of death, I don't see why a NDE couldn't be a dream.

  10. Reg Johnston

    If this one physical life is all there is then nothing at all makes any sense. We come into this life most of us experiencing more than of our share of hurt, heartache, suffering, and sorrow and then after all this pain and misery, we fade off into oblivion. Why did we come into existence at all? If this the real story then something or somebody has a very sick sense of humor.

  11. C M

    An NDE is very much like an eye witness account as to who robbed the bank and shot the security guard and all you heard was the gunshot and seen the assailants race away in the getaway car going 65 mph. So…since eye witness accounts are unanimously said up be the worst kind of evidence of truth then NDE is about as reliable for proof of an afterlife.

  12. Amanda Galloway

    This was an excellent video. I however, am struggling with my newfound realization that there is nothing after death. I know you said that makes life more meaningful and that there is purpose, but what about people who suffer their entire lives? I struggle to find any purpose for some poor little child who has been sold into sexual slavery or people born with severe birth defects with no medical care in third world countries etc. If there is no life after death that we are being prepped for, no reason to grow, then what’s the point? I’m lucky because I live in circumstances where I can enjoy entertainment and be quite comfortable, but this is not the case for everyone. This makes life unfair and tragic for many. I just can’t come to any sort of peace with this.

  13. Roedy Green

    NDEs (Near Death Experiences)

    I was once having surgery to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed. The surgeon used general anaesthetic. I learned later, I partly woke up. I thrashed about. It took four people to strap me down, resedate me, and continue the operation.

    The way I experienced this, I was in extreme pain, endlessly falling. I thought to myself, this feels like hell. Who would have imagined the Christians were right. This experience is no more evidence hell exists than dreaming of man in a red devil suit. I would not call this a death experience or a near death experience. I was far from death. It was just a dream that built my tooth pain into the plot. NDEs are just dreams, that build in low oxygen levels and high nitrous oxide levels into the plot.

  14. ivanhoe chaput

    What??? You expect me to believe a cartoon character? I've been out of my body three times – I KNOW! You need to get out of that computer generated virtual body and do some real research rather than expel logic based on non-belief. The evidence is overwhelming. Try reading at least one of my books available on Amazon. Disbelief needs no proof. If one can have consciousness outside their body, as I have, this opens the possibility that we are not our brains. But, what am I doing trying to convince a brainless cartoon character!

  15. bdf2718

    According to the religious we (alone, among the animals, according to most flavours of religion) have souls. A bit of magic stuff implanted into human zygotes by God, which is responsible for our personality and intellect, and which survives our death. It is independent of our brain. Without it we would be clockwork automata, without personality, just like the other animals (don't tell my cat that).

    There is not one shred of validated evidence to support this claim. That alone should be enough to put it beyond the bounds of credibility. But it gets worse.

    There are many documented effects of physical damage to the brain which disprove the idea of a soul (as conceived of by most religions). One of them, prosopagnosia, is caused by damage to a small area of the brain (astoundingly, it is congenital in approx 2.5% of the US population, so some people reading this may have difficulty believing me that other people can do what they cannot). If you suffer from it, you can't recognise faces. If you see somebody, you can describe their face but don't know who it is. If you're artistic you can draw that face, but you don't know who it is. If you're very artistic you can draw that face from memory, but you don't know who it is. You don't know who it is even if it's your parent, or spouse, or child that you see every day and have intimate interactions with.

    There are many other effects of damage to tiny areas of brain that wipe out abilities we take for granted and are a core component of what we think of as our identity. Things that the religious would say are an essential part of their soul. If they can be wiped out by a tiny bit of brain damage, what about a brain that decays after you're dead?

    Oh, and then there's Alzheimer's. Which, in some people, can be intermittent for a while. Bits of your memory and bits of your personality come and go.

    If we had a soul, it would survive such damage to the brain. With soul theory, brain damage might stop you moving an arm, or stop you speaking, but it wouldn't cause you to mistake your wife for a hat and try to put her on your head. True story, taken from Oliver Sacks' The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.

    So there's no soul. Mind is an emergent property of brain, not some magic stuff inserted into a zygote by God. And if there's no soul, NDEs cannot be objectively real.

    If the Jehovah's Witlesses are right (they also say we don't have souls, but they proved it by interpreting the Babble in strange ways) we still have an afterlife (if we're good JWs). God knows us down to sub-atomic level so after we're dead he can restore us from backups. That is impossible to disprove, but I'm not buying it.

  16. Leo MacDonald

    The truth about NDE's is that Koolaid has no idea what he is talking about. The old and tired objections of a lack of oxygen, electrical stimulation to a part of the brain, DMT, Ketamine and other drugs. Those objections have been carefully refuted.

  17. Russell

    Whether or not the NDE is proof of an afterlife or the last gasp of a dying brain, I'm not in a position to answer, but I personally believe it is. Also, most every objection you raise in your video can be explained in support of the NDE being a very real experience providing a hint of a very real possible afterlife. But this is not the reason for my comment!

    You, Koolaid, are a fraud and a liar. The hoax NDE you posted on the NDE site is not how you describe it in your video. Although your hoax has been removed, it is still available elsewhere. Here is a word for word transcript, verbatim, of what you actually posted:

    "I developed a massive infection in my leg and the antibiotics weren't working. So the doctors needed to amputate my leg. They gave me anesthesia to put me under and during the operation, I lost a lot of blood. The doctors said that what happened was extremely rare, but my heart stopped and I flatlined.

    "What happened next was the weirdest thing I've ever experienced and I haven't shared it with anyone else because they'll think I'm crazy. But after reading these stories here, I feel like I can open up.

    "I felt myself floating off the operating table. I looked down and saw the doctors scrambling around to bring me back. At that point, I felt my bowels completely emptying, like explosive diarrhea. It was as though that launched me upwards through space. I was propelled towards a light. It was like a tunnel. I know it sounds cliché, but I don't know how else to describe it. I guess it was like in Star Wars when the millennium falcon enters light speed and all of the light from the stars bend towards it. I felt so warm and at peace. It was the greatest feeling I've ever experienced in my life. I didn't know what was at the end of the tunnel, but I knew that it was something spectacular.

    "Suddenly I was in a tropical forest on some spectacular world. My grandfather was there and he's been dead for years! It was so good to see him again. He smiled at me and I knew deep down inside that he was proud of me.

    "Then I looked up and saw the most beautiful golden man, brighter than a thousand stars! He greeted me first in Spanish and then in English. I could tell he was all knowing, because how else could he speak every single language? He floated through the air towards me and then asked why I've been such a skeptic. I didn't feel threatened, but I knew I had been missing something huge in my life. I still feel the sense of urgency and the memory is ridiculously vivid. He told me that it wasn't my time yet, but that I needed to return to earth and tell people the good news about him.

    "That's when I felt my body being sucked backwards. I didn't want to leave. I still wish I could have stayed, but I guess it's for the better. I was sent back to my hospital bed. I eventually recovered, except that I'm missing my leg. I should be getting a prosthetic soon.

    "I feel weird sharing it, and have only told a couple of family members. They think I'm crazy, but I know that what I experienced was the real deal. I don't want to force them to believe me, but I don't know how else to convince them that there's something else out there. Hopefully my story helps someone who's in a similar boat as me."

    It's funny that there's no mention of a paradise, robot-god, C3PO or a chair. You are a liar and have perpetrated a fraud against those that follow your channel just to make a name for yourself. And you have the nerve to solicit donations? You need to change your username from Holy Kookaid to Spiked Koolaid.

  18. Ger- Bok

    quote from this article of The Atlantic (I know, thats not really well written, sorry) :
    "Let’s say experiments are done, and there is finally a comprehensive, scientifically rigorous, and materialist account of what causes an NDE. What then? Does it mean that all the stories people tell of seeing angels and meeting their deceased relatives are just fairy tales to be ignored?

    I would say no. What I saw at the conference—even at its most bizarre—showed me that even a hard-core materialist can learn a great deal from NDEs about how people make sense of the things that happen to them—and above all, about the central role that the stories we tell play in shaping our sense of who we are.

    On this, Susan Blackmore, the arch-skeptic, feels similarly. She concluded her e-mail to me by scolding those who persist in

    the false and unhelpful black and white comparison between NDEs as “true, wonderful, spiritual etc. etc.” [versus] NDEs as “JUST a hallucination of no importance.” The truth, it seems to me, is that NDEs can be wonderful, life-changing experiences that shed light on the human condition and on questions of life and death."
    What do you think ?

  19. Joffrey D'almeida

    Is this a joke? Let's list all the errors in the video, from beginning to end:

    0:57 – People who go through CA are often pumped full with drugs, and even if they weren't, their memory circuits have taken a toll. It is fully possible that more, or even all people have NDEs during CA but forget them due to the damage or impairment to their memories. Or maybe they weren't meant to have an NDE during their CA, and the spirit world has it all under control? We simply don't know why only a few but not everyone has an NDE during CA, but it's not an argument against survivalism. You can turn it around just as easily and say that since people go through similar neurophysiological events (CA -> cerebral inactivity -> reboot), everyone should come back with an NDE. But they don't, and we can't find a single thing that will predict that someone will either have or don't have an NDE in advance, if they were to experience CA. The fact that only 9% of CA survivors have an NDE is in this sense evidence in favor of their reality, if you want to push it to the edge.

    1:09 – There aren't thousands, it is estimated to be in the millions or in the tens of millions. You are three to four powers of magnitude wrong here.

    1:29 – These aren't anecdotes, they are testimonies. You know, the kind that does have evidential value in a lot of scientific research? Medicine, neurology, psychology, sociology, etc. If a scientist stimulates a part of a patient's brain and they report how their cognition changes due to this, that's a testimony too. But according to your logic, that's an anecdote and hence of zero scientific value. But with that criteria for evidence, you can't have neuroscience. You can look at the cells and structures of the brain, and its electrochemical interactions, but you can't ever link them to cognition that people report. And so you can't have your cake and eat it too – either NDEs have evidential value, or all of neuroscience goes out of the window and we know literally nothing about cognition or how the brain generates thoughts. Which is it going to be?

    2:09 – Who said that the NDE has to be interpreted with an already existing religion? Can't we look at the NDE data for what it is and reason our way from there to what the afterlife is like?

  20. Rum Ham

    I had a NDE once I was kicked to the floor by a group of people and then strangled, I was floating above looking down on the crowd and I could see myself, Then as quick as I was doing that I felt a pins and needles feeling in my hands and I was back in my body.

    Even though it felt real to me, I put it down to oxygen deprivation and chemicals in the brain, I was close to death and it was the brains way to ease me into it.

  21. Jimmy Jennings

    I bet you were just as boring when you went to school, you atheist will bable and bable on and on to try to disprove the existence of God won't you? well bozo none of your horse shit really matters to people that know,and I'm one of them so keep trying and maybe one day you will get what your aiming for some attention, but I think its going to be a nasty demon that's waiting just for you when your non believing ass crosses that final Vail between here and there,you know its funny because you will remember all who have tried to tell you including this post,but once you cross there's no changing you're silly little mind,no need to try to rebuttal this post because I already know what's on the other side but you my friend will find out the hard way and you will remember all you're chances to believe.

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