Oil Free Vegan Butter Recipe! Whaaaaat?

Oil Free Vegan Butter Recipe! Whaaaaat?

Vegan butter that is oil free – yeah baby! I’m so excited to be sharing this simple and tasty recipe with you. Especially since it’s a healthy way to replace butter on toast… which so many…


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  1. Elisabeth Cole

    I have vegan and vegetarian patients and one thing that is a problem in virtually all of them (in addition to the well recognized problems present in these sorts of diets) is an extreme deficiency in fats and oils. They need to be looking for ways to increase the fats and oils in their diets, not for ways to reduce them.

  2. Lightnday

    So cool! Definitely going to give it a try since I have all the ingredients already. Psyllium husks work great as egg substitutes in recipes; I use them all the time. 😀
    I've never thought that an oil-free butter would be possible. Thank you for this!

  3. Sheila Kuhn

    This is an amazing invention! My husband and I enjoy this plant based spread so very much. I'm already making my second batch in three days. We use a lot of it on our baked potatoes. This recipe has made us forget (cruel) dairy butter and (oily) margarine. Thank you so much for figuring this one out! You're amazing.

  4. Kahmiud

    I m vegan but How can u even call this butter it's cauliflower soy milk spread….i appreciate the creative idea but its just giving butter colour Not a taste I doubt if I can call this butter and cauliflower makes my tummy upset 🤒

  5. Mr Charles

    Thanks for the video I am looking to revise my plant based diet. I did really well before and was a nice comfortable weight. Somewhere along the way I went off track and now a bit chubby. So a video like this is really helpful to me

  6. Bryanna Clark Grogan

    Congratulations on a fabulous, innovative recipe, Anja! I just shared your blog post on my Facebook page and in a couple of plant-based FB groups, too. Here's what I wrote in my intro:
    "I was a little skeptical about this recipe (which is oil-free and also high-fiber, BTW), but I tried it anyway– it's good! Even my husband liked it on his breakfast toast. It would be very nice on steamed veggies, too. (Not suitable for baking, though.) Anja Cass is a lovely person and a creative low-fat vegan cook, blogger and vlogger. This is a very innovative recipe!
    PS: I made some very slight changes– I found the "butter" too salty the first time around (and I am not anti-salt by any means!). Anja called for coarse salt, which I used, but perhaps hers was a coarser salt than mine. So the second time, I used 3/4 tsp. salt instead of 1 tsp.. I also weighed the (chopped) cauliflower (yes, the secret ingredient– you don't taste it, though) before cooking and it came to 4 oz. The second time I also cooked 1 tablespoon of finely-chopped raw carrot with the cauliflower, and added a small pinch of nutritional yeast flakes during blending, both of which I thought added to the flavor and color in a very subtle way."

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