Okinawans Revere Aging

Okinawans Revere Aging

Dr. Weil discusses the diet and lifestyle of Okinawans, a group of people who live on the island of Okinawa, south of Japan. Okinawa, has the world’s highest concentration of centenarians,…


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  1. adamaj

    I feel like he glossed over the fact that, while they do eat fish and pork, it is VERY rare (at least for the healthy centenarians/older folks), a couple times a month, and they eat tiny amounts compared what we're used to eating. Their diet is 99% plant food. It's not that the animal food is healthy, it's that their superior diet keeps them healthy in SPITE of the little bit of meat they eat out of tradition.

  2. John J. Rambo

    Weil is very ignorant about diet and longevity. He's clearly obese and tries to speak about healthy eating. It amazes me how anyone buys his idiotic books. The only true diet for humans is a whole foods plant based diet. Anyone saying otherwise knows nothing about healthy eating

  3. lambchopxoxo

    Dr. Weil, you discuss some of this in your book Healthy Aging. I am almost finished reading this book and I have to say it has changed my perspective. I am no longer coloring my hair thinking I hide my age (it doesnt) and I am really beginning to enjoy my age (I'm 53).

    I agree with you that the loathing of age is truly bad practice and an epidemic in the US. Very sad.

  4. Zavatari

    Roshi Joshu Sazaki passed away 2 days ago at the age of 108.  Last time I saw him was at his 104th birthday party when he was still teaching Zen full time.  He told us, "Please help this old man to live longer — I have so much to do."  He did not have any wrinkles or sagging skin in his face, no lines, no age spots.  He was very frail.

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