Only Cookbook You Need for Healthy Living Meal Prep

Only Cookbook You Need for Healthy Living Meal Prep

My cookbook is FINALLY here and I’m showing it to y’all first! Check it out and pre-order NOW to be eligible for giveaway prizes! …


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  1. Michael Wilder

    I just found out about you bro. Didn’t even know you were from Dallas, right down the road from you lol. I’m definitely supporting. You’ve inspired me to get right in the kitchen for my family. My wife normally cooks all of our meals. It’s time to show my love that us, men, can do our thing too!

  2. gorzana

    Congratulations! I love your energy, your videos and recipes are always amazing and cheer me up, so I couldn't help myself and preordered the book. Just so you know – this means at least one copy will be on a shelf in Poland (yes, the one in Europe). Keep up the great work!

  3. Carolynn Tulluck

    I just preordered! And I hope I registered it correctly!! I've been such a big fan of the recipes on the Fit Men Cook app and I'm so excited to get a full on COOKBOOK. And THANK YOU for not making it super expensive like so many other cookbooks out there! Healthy living shouldn't have to be expensive!

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