Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins

Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins

Ivor Cummins is one of the authors of the book “Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum”. I highly recommend it.


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  1. Bibi Bach

    Great interview. You are both awesome and I love all your work and spreading the word on HFLC diets and the real cause of CV disease, etc. Being an MD it just boggles my mind that nearly all doctors are totally unaware of hyperinsulinemia and its detrimental effects. They all drank the very spiked Kool-Aid and listen to big pharma as dogma. I just ordered the book and cannot wait to read it.

  2. TB1M1

    if you want more history on problems with polyunsaturates (prior to 1985) listen to Nathan pritikins tapes. His viewpoint was they increase cancer and promote heart disease much more than saturated fats

  3. Christina Bernat


    Hunger is a great "salt" or hunger is a great "sauce"? Which did Ivor Cummins say? The recording is sooo low volume – just hearable on highest volume with headphones – still, priceless conversation!

    Mr. Cummins, you have an absolutely delightful and calm way of speaking- both you and Dr. Berg do but each with slight variation and of course accent – an utter treat to hear you both together – so calming too.

  4. Wozitoya Dude

    I am an retired Engineer I used to write and review procedures. In my field, the procedure used to be mil standard, but it has been changed to ISO. In medical field , I believe it also has to be followed certain procedures. Otherwise it is called mal practice you can take him to court. Doctor of Medicine (MD) is licensed to practice medicine. Diet is not medicine, everyone can do it. Research need not to be licensed. Doing your own research and talk about diet that felt into the category of freedom of speech. Believe or not, it is you choice. Valid research should be related to his expertise that regulated by his profession.

  5. Pia Nyström

    Hey, here's a new thing to look into. We have have had a massive heat wave in Sweden, but I have not been too bothered, but other people have complained a lot. I have done intermittent fasting for about three years, but not true keto, since I like my wine.
    Can you deal with hot and cold better on IF? I think so.

  6. Paul Walton

    Hi Dr Berg, I am a huge fan of Ivor – I live in the Uk – your coming together has created one of the best interviews I have seen on the subject of insulin resistance and resulting chronic disease. There was a palpable excitement about your conversation and well deserved, if I may say so. Ivor tends to the complicated scientific, balanced by your ability to simplify for your parochial audience – perfect. As a cynical Brit, I have been a little sceptical of your own commercial motive – but, I'm converted! Thank you. Paul from England

  7. Random Dent

    According to ONS(Office for National Statistics), 20,000 extra people in the UK have died so far in 2018 compared to previous years. The most worrying thing about this statistic is that no-one knows why this is happening.

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