Over 50 Anti Aging Evening Skin Care Routine

Over 50 Anti Aging Evening Skin Care Routine

ITEMS TALKED OR USED Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Ponds Makeup Wipes: Lancome Bi-Facil: Shisedo…


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  1. Kimber41764

    I'm starting to think that I need to do some skin care things!! LOL I know, I know…….I have never really washed my face, have never been consistent with anything involving skin care. Now that I'm almost 54 I'm thinking that maybe I should see about something. When I do take that time I use a clarisonic and I have purchased the Ole Hendrickson vitamin C serum to use. I believe the 1st step should be to just start washing my face!!!! This video was helpful to know what should happen.
    I know this is bad but it was not something I ever did or really had time for raising kids (so I thought). I am going to make this a priority!!!!

  2. All That Beauty With Lori

    Hi Mary!!! I have to say you have wonderful skin, all your goodies are working well for you, that is a no doubt at all. I am doing the BeeNigma also, I been using mine I think around November I started? I love sheet masks I might try one I got tomorrow, I agree doing skincare is me time for sure. Love you and enjoyed spending time with you, doing catch up!! Have a good weekend xoxo <3

  3. gbmaltese

    I bet if you looked in your mirror and said "Mirror, mirror, in my hand, who's the fairest in the land?" It would say, "Oh Mary, Mary tis you, no one else will ever do." 🙂 I have got to try the marula oil and cacay oil – looks like it might help with some dry skin!! xoxox Grace

  4. Janet Hagen

    Hey, pretty lady! Your skin is so pretty! I've gotta start doing my skin care earlier in the evening and taking the time to enjoy it. Seems like it's always last on my list and sometimes I can barely keep my eyes open to do everything I want to do!! Again, your skin is sooooo pretty! (How many times can I say "pretty"… LOL) TFS! xoxoJanet

  5. carrie7610

    Hi Mary! Your skin really does look beautiful, I always love to know what all you ladies with such luminous skin are using. I am going to check out the TrophySkin device you were showing but first plan to go back and see your video on it! Thank you Mary for taking the time out of your evening to do this video for us!

  6. HauteMamaslive

    Your skin looks amazing with nothing on it. Love the scrunchies. BTW, never got a notification of your video having been uploaded. I usually do. I'm afraid of oil on my (already oily) skin, but it looks so good on your face. Lisa and I joke that we each have a 30494 stage procedure for our skin care. Great video, as always! ~ Jacqueline

  7. Palm Springs Cindy

    Hi Mary 💃I'm loving all the oils you applied at the beginning of your video….. infact, hearing about them kinda made me want a salad. I use Cereve, it's so nice and mild. I got face masks for Christmas and I need to use them. Great video as usual 😍😍

  8. Carib Spice

    Hello Glitzy! Thanks for sharing my luv. Just like you I've found castor oil to be a hair saver as well…. I apply 2-3 times a week to specific places including my brows. I haven't tried the lashes yet though. I was diligent with Cacay oil but haven't used for a while. I have been using other products like the brand "Ponds." Just like you I haven't tried Retin-A or anything but who knows in years to come? As mentioned previously, I found that I was too harsh on my skin so I am trying to clean and tone without being too harsh on my skin. I clean my face before I take a shower or bath but maybe this is a video I should record as well. Love you and hugs! 🌹

  9. susan moore

    Great video Mary. I enjoy all your videos and always look forward to them. I watched the live stream on Saturday and I was absolutely laughing so hard. You girls were real troopers… One question…does the black castor oil blur your vision? I just started using it on my eyebrows and I am hoping to have results. Much love and blessings..xoxo

  10. Susan W

    The castor oil did not really do very much for my lashes or brows so I also went back on my eye serum but I put the oil on with a mascara wand, maybe I should have rubbed it in like you did, moght try that on the other nights! I love masking too! Love you! XOXO

  11. Carolyn Hamilton

    Hi!! I started using the Black castor oil on my hair 3 nights a week. I then put a pink shower cap over it and go to bed. It's a vision!!🙀 I will put on my eyelashes now as well. !!!!! As you know, the castor oil is like pancake syrup. The first time I used it, with my pink shower cap, we had an earthquake. 2am, and I was praying it didn't get worse, where I would have to run outside, or they would have to rescue me under the rubble! Good grief!!!! Your skin looks great. I pretty much do the same thing at night. I agree, I love love the ritual of my skin care. I actually triple cleanse at night. ….I use retin A every other nite and Cacay oil on the other nights along with some other products. Love your videos. Your skin is flawless!!!!!!!❤️ Carolyn

  12. salsarme Mimi

    Wonderful night time routine. That silicone mask cover is to die for, I can't do a paper mask without it. Amazon has the best price on it. I need to get out my Trophy Skin Unit – I have been slacking.Great use of oils. Question, do you not use any serums at night ? Blessings to you from Texas.

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