pH Balance In the Body Is Critical

pH Balance In the Body Is Critical

How important is it? Naturopath and nutritionist David Getoff discusses the importance of pH in the body and what some of the …


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  1. perkeleNalle

    Sorry, I just have to. I believe that whenever I see extreme stupidity which can be deduced by simple google searches, it is my duty to comment on it.
    The human body has its own regulatory mechanisms for dealing with the blood pH. This involves a very sophisticated system in which the kidneys and lungs either produce bicarbonate to bring the pH up, reabsorb hydrogen ions to bring the pH down, and simply rids itself of carbon dioxide to keep the pH in check.
    Influencing the pH through diet is ONLY possible if you puke up all your stomach acid, and then eat a high-protein meal. This will influence the pH only by forcing the body to excrete more hydrocloric acid into the lumen of the stomach to activate the protein-breaking enzymes essential for digestion.
    Believeing that you can eat "alkaline food" to "alkalinise your blood" is one of the most bizarre beliefs in this "holistic medicine". Even using the word Medicine in this context gives me a bad taste in my mouth.
    If you, by some way, manage to alter your pH to be more alkaline (injecting bases lol?) you will get what's called alkalosis. This is pathology. Too stupid to google that word? It means that it's something wrong with you. So pathological conditions = nono. Baaad for your health.
    Alkalosis makes the blood transport protein Albumin to ionise (lol do you retards even know what that means?), this makes Calcium bind strongly to Albumin, thereby reducing the free calcium concentration in the blood. This, in turn, leads to muscle spasms and in severe cases; tetany (lol google it).
    Even on youtube, you can check out lectures given at Medschools about this topic (just search for acid-base physiology).
    Educate yourselves, do some research, and hopefully if you aren't a complete retard, you'll understand why this is complete fucking rubbish. Greets from medschool, the real deal.

  2. sunil sai

    Great Video, Thank you!

    I was a peptic ulcer patient and my family got full worried about it!

    I could cure the ulcer without medications with the help of
    1) god's grace
    2) videos like yours
    3) "body ph meter" mobile app by lokesh.
    4) diet , meditation and exercises

    Now, I know that medications are not required

  3. M Chen

    Different parts of our body are either acidic or alkaline. If our stomach and guts become less acidic then bacteria will strive and we get all kinds of sickness. Its not true that drinking lots of alkaline water is good for us. If our body is off-balance we need to know where the imbalance lies and this is not easy to tell.

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