Podcast Episode 1: What we Eat in a Typical Day + Tips for Healthy Eating

Podcast Episode 1: What we Eat in a Typical Day + Tips for Healthy Eating

In our very first episode of the Food Heaven Made Easy podcast, we discuss how we met, what we eat in a typical day as Registered Dietitians and our tips and …


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  1. KikiMonee

    Great podcast! I listened to both of them this morning. I am glad I tuned in. I am a flexigan. vegan + allow myself to eat meat 1x a week (I am not ready to give up meat just yet) + and maybe vegetarian on the weekend because thars when I go out and about. here are my question:

    1. should we take fat burners? if so, which was are the healthiest.
    2. What are some veggies that contains iron (I do eat a lot of lentils), and b12 (I take b12 suplement now and occasionally eat nutritional yeast)?

  2. NishasLove

    Hey guys I am a student currently in school in the dietetic technician program.My over all goal is to become a registered dietitian.I was curious to know how you guys decided on what field of nutrition to work in right when you graduated and completed the internship. I believe that as a registered dietitian you have so many options and I feel a bit lost.I feel that if I work in a hospital setting for a few years I will gain experience but would love to work one on one with people developing a relationship and follow up as opposed to a fast past setting, but feel as if the fast paced hospital would give me experience.I would really appreciate your response. I admire both of you guys drive and passion, you both are very inspirational.Alot of people are starting to be aware of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and I am glad you guys are focused on bringing information to people that is backed by science . Check out my channel as well I also try to create nutrition inspired videos.

  3. Throw Some Greens On It

    Awesome podcast! Looking forward to even more! Could you talk about what it's like being a dietitian of color? I'm looking into dietetics programs & in my research have found that 85% of dietitians are white & only 3% are Black. Could yall speak to that? And what its like doing this work in a way thats culturally relevant? Is that something that was highlighted a lot in your education/training? I know I asked a thousand questions but if you could even answer just one that would be great! Thanks & peace, Kamau.

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