Profound Podcasts – Faith – my religious beliefs & my grandparents @PaNiiKzZ

Profound Podcasts – Faith – my religious beliefs & my grandparents @PaNiiKzZ

Hey guys, I did a little stream designing my tattoo as a tribute to my grandparents and people said that they were interested in my beliefs and hearing a bit about my family so here it is :)…


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  1. MetaIicDzn

    I respect your views.
    But around 9:20 you said that two particles couldn't collide because they came from nowhere…
    Where did GOD come from?? :/
    Religion starts so many wars and wars still go on today all over the world because of religion.
    In my opinion its best to stay away from it!!!
    <3 Nice video though!
    If i had a religious video it would be 100% different!! hahaha

  2. Rob Sterlini

    I wasn't depressed, far from it. I count myself incredibly blessed that I knew (and still know) my grandparents in the way I do. I didn't see it as a joke, sorry 🙁 but I wasn't angry, it was a serious question, I'd wondered if you'd watched it or not 😛

  3. IAmLydruH

    I'm athiest and I respect your views, but just remember: When people don't have a scientific explanation for something, they will very easily turn to faith because faith is the 'easy way out' of a situation. (Hope you understand that.)

  4. Upham

    Really, really good commentary… I would say I was a Spiritual Agnostic. I personally find it hard to say if God does or does not exist. I respect people who do believe as much as I respect those who don't. I do find comfort in some belief structures held by some religions. Prayer & meditation are both things I partake in. I would say I live a Christian life. However I do struggle with the concept of religion. Putting rules onto beliefs is dangerous, as historic events show us. Thank you Rob.

  5. HAHAtimeforSQUATZ

    Although i do not share the same views, one thing which i'm going to point it is the "Science has yet to prove that something can come from nothing"…
    I'm pretty sure the current theory is that, nothing is impossible. In the sense that "nothing" has a 0 value, it simply is not there. Therefore is impossible, if you understand.

    Something has always existed, we're just too too sure what.

    However the concept of infinity is one easier described that fully explained.

  6. Crawbawss

    Hi rob, I really enjoyed listenning you talking about religino etc, that was really interesting.
    I'm french, so, btw I don't understand all specifics words you used in, But in all i've understood, that was correct and same as my beliefs.

  7. TheAngryPuffin

    Excellent video, very well spoken commentary and easy to listen to. Not particularly biased or inflammatory, you did say it was your own particular opinion, so why do two people decide to dislike without providing a reason? Excellent visuals, best of luck with the tattoo.

  8. NewanceDesign

    you sounded sexy at 1:10 😉 HAHA What i don't get is how people dislike a video about your opinion. it's just an opinion AND it's about something that's close to you (your grandparents). But i love serious videos. Almost all of my videos are serious so i like sitting and listening. great video. People should be more honest like this. Great job.

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