PT. 2 Lecrae on Suicidal Thoughts, Friends Stealing Money, Losing Faith + Raps Live

PT. 2 Lecrae on Suicidal Thoughts, Friends Stealing Money, Losing Faith + Raps Live

Lecrae joins us for the third time on Sway in the Morning and keeps it real in his candid conversation with us. Originally here to promote his new album, ‘All …


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  1. shady c network

    As somebody who is an Evangelical and supports black lives matter I think a lot of evangelicals want to support black lives matter but they get put off by all of the gay community showing up. I went to O'Reilly once and I called a bunch of my Christian friends and said hey you want to come? And more than a few of them so absolutely I want to come but I'm not about to walk by the Sodom and Gomorrah of the gay community to do so. So in my personal opinion many want to show support but don't want to be involved with the gay community also.

  2. Lovegod84πŸ‘‘JESUS πŸ‘‘

    Just so everyone knows MLK is a Heritic who doesn't believe jesus is God and that He was not conceived by the Virgin Mary. Jesus was just a good teacher. MLK is a social justice legend but not a Christian! He denied all the essentials of the faith and Lecrae using MLK as a idol is horrible! We are to preach the Gospel to save souls from hell not social justice to make life good for a second but the soul is still in ruin! Lecrae denied hell in its real existence and didn't answer the question of the "Black man is God" faith and took Gods word out of Context saying, "All thongs work for Good is for everybody" but last time I checked the Bible says, "All things work together for the Good those that Love God according to His purpose". Sorry Crae your credibility is becoming void at each interview. You are the Joel olsteen of Christian rap and it's sad you aren't the "rebel" you were many years ago. I'm hurt as I see this fear in such a man who can do such great things for Gods kingdom. Truth sets free but he would rather the world think all is good than tell them the truth of Hell and false religions and what scriptures really mean. Water down Gods word if you want to but for those who have been given much much is required. Much is required of you Crae and as of now you are letting God and His people down. We need solid biblical truth to help us not watered down new age philosophies

  3. Richmond Pennokee

    His lyrics have changed from his early albums to now. That could be a natural thing like all artist as they grow. In my opinion, God is mention much in his new ones but not near his old ones where he all wanted to do is exhalt God. That's just how I feel

  4. Phantom Mercedes

    I don't like how artist get in the game not expecting to hear criticism. Honestly, what did you expect? You should've know in the beginning when you first started playing the game. I mean, you got the internet and t.v and you hear every artist getting some type of criticism. And man, what I don't like is how he told his testimony about his thug life and he almost died and found his faith. And yet he's over here saying he almost lost his faith? Like it's cool that you got your faith back and stuff but you've got to have a ride and die mentality. I lost my faith because I had no faith to begin with, I grew up in a christian household and lost my "faith" later in high school but as soon as I figured out I really do believe in God and that we can be saved through christ I swore to my heart that no matter what I will never leave God. Even if people criticize me because what if there's some truth in what they say? Even if what they say isn't true, who cares!? As soon as you do hate starts to linger in your mind. Become selfless. Man personally, even if people hate me, spit on me, or even try to kill me. Man I'll drop anything for God if I'm losing God. I'll take a bullet to the brain for my faith in God. And I hate how people are always talking about oh Jesus is black, white, asian , jewish MAN I don't care at all who he!!!! I'll take him as he is son! We all just need to know that in the end of the day he is theeeee Son Of God, thee savor of humanity, thee one who die for our sins. Like Jesus said love and fear God and follow his commandments. Jesus is the clutch to heaven his advice is something that should be uplifted and highlighted.

  5. 7777

    πŸ’― πŸ’― πŸ’― πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ™ŒπŸ½ πŸ™ŒπŸ½ If there's anyone here who needs some encouragement and Holy Spirit Wisdom go check out IAMDesirΓ©e and subscribe to her channel. ANNOINTED FLOW right there.

  6. mrtheoriginalschool

    @ 19:22 Lecrae is flashing the Horned Hand symbol with his right hand pledging his loyalty to Lucifer his god.

    @ 19:28 Lecrae is putting the El Diablo sign with his right hand while free styling on the microphone showing you where his allegiance lies.

    Does Lecrae really love God? His actions tell you otherwise that he doesn't love God or he wouldn't be flashing Satanic signs while he rhymes on the microphone. The fact remains Lecrae is a sellout by his own admissions and instant gratification of worldly appeal. He loves the approval of the world and the world feels comfortable with Lecrae because he has no real conviction or contrition at all.

  7. Kia Harris

    People act like we can't fall. I appreciate that he was honest about his failings and battles…even now if you listening. I would hope people would want to pray for me to keep the Good path, instead of talking down to me like most people on here did. I support you Lecrae, God wants us all to come higher in Him bc this world is fading fast.

  8. heartfelt lifestyle

    The friend trust and sucide with family and relevent people was recent in my life this was in my recommendations. I cliked and it helped. the reason why i do music how words and music can travel randomly to the right people right when they need it. thats Jesus god blessπŸ™

  9. fl0z0nelaya

    I'm out here, keeping my head for ya, bro. On some real shit. It gets heavy sometimes, thinking on how unworthy I am to receive a crown. But if I believe it not, how will my people hope? I know the industry life has been tough on you, bro. It was the reason I did not sign on the dotted line, when I was with the Preachaholicz. Perhaps I would be sitting there, talking with sway. You have been bold, and brave, kinfolk. From a real nigga to another one…….Peace and Light of LIFE. I see you, bro.

  10. Nehemiah Hein

    Yeah, Lecrae!!! I am so excited with where he is going. It seems like so many people are asking of the question of whether it's acceptable for Lecrae to go down this path. What?! What he's saying, and I completely agree, is that a huge portion of the American church is completely failing at being who Jesus called us to be because they're so focused on their religion. What Lecrae is doing is deciding to step outside the religion that alienates the people who need God most and he's reaching out to actually show love and compassion. Lecrae, thank you for becoming a loud voice actually representing what Christianity is supposed to be. It's about time somebody started challenging the false images of Christianity promoted by others with loud voices, and by the culture itself that has come to reject rather than love the very people Jesus told us to reach out to.

  11. Benjamin Shabu

    Keep in the faith Lecrae. Let those so called Christians who spend all their time hating and criticising you keep rolling around on the church floor and falling down in services. Reach out to the lost and use your God given talent. Stay with God and he will stay with you. Unfortunately many liars will say they know Jesus and say they are Christian but God will tell them he didn't know them.

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