Q&A | Balanced Diet + Our Love Story + Baby Talk

Q&A | Balanced Diet + Our Love Story + Baby Talk

We reached 30K subscribers! Thank you Nutrition Cure FAM! Here is a personal Q&A for you to celebrate:) If you haven’t yet, say hello in the comments! I love to …


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  1. Dark Chocopuff

    None of my food is vegan. I see many squirrels and birds shot to death for chewing up my fruits. Pretty much every vegs and fruits I ate so far has something died behind it. If the lettuce can talk it probably going to tell me about a mother rat got beaten to death for trying to chew it and her newborn babies were thrown to cats. (No, it really happened btw). I am aware my coconuts were picked by chained monkey slaves because nobody want to waste their time and risk their lives climbing up 60ft trees to pick the fruits when the payment really sucks. The palm oil farmers in my country poisoned hundreds of pygmy elephants every single years, leaving the babies to mourn their mother's death. I saw how the honeybees were enslaved to pollinate the fruits and nuts for massive production yet most of them ended up dying from all the fungicide and chemicals sprayed over the crops.

    It is quite hypocrite to say vegan diet is for the sake of ALL santient beings because none of our food are 100% free from animal deaths.

  2. AaricaFits

    Also I support what you're saying about adjusting your relationship with food. And even if you have a little cake at a kids party or a wedding, or things like you've mentioned, the fact that you're primarily plant based still makes a huge difference in not only your health but ethical matters as well. If the harsh vegans were able to calm down enough to just be encouraged of the overall choices and changes, more people would be open to it. The judgement and intensity of the vegans that give "us" a bad rep are doing more damage than good and scaring people off. And yet the preach love and compassion. I am plant-based and I have your back for what it's worth!

  3. AaricaFits

    It took me I think about 4 months to adjust to my Lilly cup. Just remember you can trim the end of it as well as wear it inside out (I think? Lilly cup you can't but it is different than the diva). Just keep trying as you can. Since I got the hang of it though I've been obsessed! It's great!

  4. Małgorzata Bukowczyk

    Wow! It's incredible that you're from Poland! I'm Polish and I live in Poland (never lived anywhere else) and it's so nice to hear from someone that he or she originates from Poland too! Anyways, I wanted to say that I found you yt quite recently but I seriously love it! You're such a positive and knowledgable person <3 I keep my fingers crossed for all of you future projects and wish you an amazing day!

  5. Your Nutrition Cure

    I need to be clear. I’m no longer associating with the vegan label to fix my relationship with food as it has become too attached to my emotions. I’m still not eating meat or dairy products and this channel will still be fully plantbased. I’m an adult women and I know what I need to do for myself in order to be happy and healthy from the inside and out. Hope you ladies understand!❤️❤️

  6. doubtfuldreamer

    Hey, I didn't realize you are polish! I have been watching you for months! So hello!!! I am polish too 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if polish people have a high risk of PCOS as the two people in my life who also have PCOS are polish as well. Did you parents only speak polish to you growing up? I have lost my polish language as I was born in Canada and my parents speak more English to me than Polish.

  7. Kirsten D

    So essentially being vegan was an inconvenience. I don't really get the bit about food choices being a moral compass. When you choose compassionate eating (a vegan diet), you don't have to worry about making unethical food choices or feeling badly. I was really excited about this channel and how it was someone with PCOS helping people and also promoting veganism. I hope one day you'll reconsider going back fully vegan- if nothing else, for the sake of the animals amd our environment.

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