Q&A Healthy Lifestyle & Vegan Tips

Q&A Healthy Lifestyle & Vegan Tips

Hey Today I took to twitter to answer some of your questions on being vegan and tips to live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to leave your questions…


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  1. ndoherty1000

    Would you ever consider writing a book? I know you hate writing due to your dyslexia but I think it would be excellent. I'd def buy and read a book on how to get started with being vegan and/or on a general healthy lifestyle

  2. Rach Karnovski

    I can say about the dairy, my hay fever def got better after stopping it for a while. I have IBS and struggle with too much fibre. How do I sort that? I did it for 3 weeks and I had bloating and bad gas so stopped. I loved it as had so much energy and even lost even though I ate more than ever. Any tips on how to get through the bad times of feeling pregnant! Love your bubble ness. Xx

  3. Stine Egeberg

    I would LOVE suggestions how to eat as I leave the house at 8 (and cannot eat before 8😝) and then I leave work at 5.30pm. I just can't come up with good lunch / snack options – so any lunch options for office work would be amazing!

  4. makemeupxox

    Maybe a bit personal, but i was wondering if you use any contraceptive methods? I follow freelee&durianrider and after they spoke about how bad the pill is, i stopped using it back in May/April. However now i have bad acne as i guess my hormones are unbalanced and i've been vegan since February so it isn't my diet. So just wondering if you have any advice & wondered what you do? xx

  5. Charli Miller

    Love this make up look!!!I find it really hard to stick to being vegan when I eat a high fruit diet as I don't like consuming high amounts of liquids (apart from water of course), it just doesn't sit well with me for travelling. I personally find sticking to more starches better for me so I wondered what's your thought on this? I also find in winter I want starchy foods to keep warm πŸ™‚ xx

  6. Estere Linde

    Hi! I love your videos, they always make me smile. Thank you for that! πŸ™‚
    I am moving to England and was wondering in which city do you live? (Don't worry, not gonna stalk you, it just looks, that there is everything that vegan needs)

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