Quick Fix for Lip Wrinkles

Quick Fix for Lip Wrinkles

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  1. Skygazer

    My lip lines are quite deep and the botox nurse recommends that I have filler to give definition to my lips and that will help sort out the lines. She said botox can cause some women to have problems with pronouncing their B's and Q's …Have you any information on this or advise you can give me?.

  2. Heather Graham

    Hi Angie. You indicated that you didn't have a liquid lipstick. I use a liquid lip colour – Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour kiss proof lip colour. Step 1 is the lip colour and Step 2 is the lock and shine. Other "stay on" lip products seem very drying but I find that this is not drying while it stays on for more than 16 hours and the gloss side is not too glossy.

  3. Liz Tukenmez

    I think the lip wrinkle comments are due to the return of matte lipstick. 25 years ago we could all wear matte lipstick…and I loved it!! Now….I look longingly at the tubes knowing I'd need lip injections to wear it.

  4. ssue

    what lip lines?? really Angie? I have yes real lip lines and I hate them and not long b4 I turnd 60 I seem to notice they had gotten more pronounced it seems my fifties I pretty much looked the same as my forties my mid-to-late forties for me I looked pretty good still but somewhere around the age of about 58 and 1/2 – 60 wrinkles just went crazy on my face. and I seemed like I aged 10 years in a year and a half!!! wonder if anybody else is like that??

  5. Jane Heimbichner

    Liquid lipstick is that long lasting stuff that is kind of like a liquid crayon consistency. Paint it on and a minute later it's dry. Use only the gloss that comes with it so as not to re-emulsify it and it lasts all day. By Covergirl and Loreal.

  6. Kathy Masiello

    Hi Angie,
    I just came across your videos and just love them! Thank you so much. You are helping me out so much with your honest reviews and pointers. Thank you Thank you!! PS: I love that you're a New England gal too. I'm in SC now for a few years and Long to go back to NE! I"m from RI/MA area originally and hope to get back there…..soon! Ok, well anyway, I love your videos!!

  7. Fiona Cahill

    Clarisonic your lips and mouth area morn n night and Vit C serum and moisturise at least once. preferably twice daily, if you have bad lip lines. A face peel regularly and Retiinol products…and Retin A of course too all help take away the wrinkled top layer of skin that causes the lines….and help produce the fresher less lined skin below. Exfoliation in one form or another!! It's worked so for me I'm asked if I've had Cosmetic treatment… I'm 49 and sucked a pen for years…a nasty habit that puckered my lips and basically gave me a Hens bum !! it's just about gone now after two years working on it.

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